Five Directions the Batman Reboot Should Go

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Yeah, yeah, I know we won’t be seeing this for a number of years and Chris Nolan’s interpretation is pretty much perfect, but there is so much more to Batman than what we have gotten from the movies so far. There are great things that just would not work in Nolan’s interpretation. Here are five directions the reboot should go.



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No matter what Christopher Nolan fans will tell you, Batman is still a superhero and has some pretty ridiculous stories and villains. Real isn’t  necessarily better, despite how well it worked for the characters Nolan chose. Just like the X-men and Spider-man, Batman has villains he can fight in outer space. Hopefully that will never happen. The next Batman writers should take a page from The Amazing Spider-man, dark but comic-booky.



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Another page the reboot should take from Marvel is to expand the universe. The Avengers was an awesome movie because of how flawlessly it integrated everyone together. While maybe a Justice League film may not be the best idea, a Batman/Superman crossover could be awesome!




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A lot of movies have scratched the surface, most notably Batman Begins, but none have truly dived as deep as I would like. To achieve this, the Joker would need to be the villain, as he brings about some of the most interesting psychological aspects to the character of Bruce Wayne. Nolan’s movies have done a great job showing us what Batman means to Gotham City but now it is time to see just how crazy our beloved hero is.



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Again, real is great and offers some fascinating version of favorites like Scarecrow and Joker, but who wants to see a “real” version of Poison Ivy or Clayface? These classics villains deserve some movie love too! With more science fiction and fantasy in the next Batman world we could see characters like those two and way more without the limitations of the Nolan-verse. My personal picks for the next Batman film would be a truly terrifying Scarecrow and creepy yet sexy Poison Ivy. Then again, I think the world is ready for Dr. Harleen Quinzel.


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Robin has no place in the current Batman series, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a great character. Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, all of them should appear in the next series if possible. It is also the best way to separate the new series from the old. Dick Greyson could even be the main character of the next series. I picture it a bit like Obi-Wan and Anakin in the Star Wars prequels (just without Hayden Christensen). Just a thought. But this is so clearly where the next movies should go to keep things fresh.


What directions would you like to see the reboot take? Share your thoughts below!

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