Five More High School Movies That Deserve a Reunion

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With American Reunion hitting theaters this week, those who grew up with the original are probably feeling a bit nostalgic. Seeing everyone back together again on screen is really going to be something, even if the movie isn’t that good. There are plenty of other high school movies out there that have yet to see this kind of treatment. Maybe not all of them deserve a full fledged sequel like American Pie, but something just to bring the gang back together again. Here are our picks for other high school movies we want to see a reunion for.

Photo Credit: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)-

Directed by John Hughes, the cinematic master of high school, this comedy is one we want to see brought back. We got a brief throwback to this classic just a few months ago in the form of a Super Bowl commercial where Matthew Broderick played Bueller once more. But it was missing the rest of the cast. Just think of seeing Ferris, Cameron, Sloane, and the others all together again. That is something worth playing hookie for.



Photo Credit: Grease (1978)-

John Travolta may have aged a lot in the last few decades, but something tells me that he has still got the moves. One of cinema’s best musicals ever deserves a reunion just to see how well everyone does singing over thirty years later. However, you cannot deny how bittersweet it would be to see Sandy and Danny back together after so much time.



Photo Credit: Mean Girls (2004)-

This hit from the last decade is already a classic. The cast, aside from Lohan, has largely grown to become major actresses in the business. Even though Lohan is a bit more of joke these days, her recent job hosting SNL showed that she isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself. Bringing these girls back together, plus who knows maybe Tina Fey and a few other older members of the cast. Mean Girls is easily the best high school movie in recent memory.



Photo Credit: American Graffiti (1973)-

Who would have thought that the director of this little gem would go on to direct Star Wars? This high school flick perfectly represents both the freedom and security you feel as you grow during those four years. Featuring an all star cast including Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, and Harrison Ford, the film is a true nostalgia trip, not just for those who grew up in the 60s, but everyone who went through high school.



Photo Credit: The Breakfast Club (1985)-

John Hughes’ masterpiece is pretty universally considered to be the best high school movie of all time. It would be amazing to get the whole gang back together and see how their lives played out after that insightful, fateful day in the library for detention. Few movies truly capture what it was like to be in high school like this one does, and no other has done it as well since. This film should be mandatory to see for every student who plans to get that diploma, whether they are the Homecoming king or the nerd.



Do you agree with my picks? Which high school movies get you feeling nostalgic? Sound off below!

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  1. Michael Papirmeister says:

    Considering they already made a Grease 2 and a Mean Girls 2 and they were both awful, I’m gonna have to go with “don’t fuck with the original!” lol

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