Five Things Marvel Should Do Next in Their Movies

Now that we have all seen The Avengers (since it made a record breaking $200 million, it is safe to assume EVERYONE saw it) where should Marvel go next? There are plenty of things that Marvel can do in their next few films, a few of which are already being planned. Next summer will bring Iron Man 3. Later in 2013 we have Thor 2 with Captain America 2 being planned later in the future, possibly summer 2014. Also, there are rumors of a new Hulk film, a Black Widow solo film, and the introduction of Black Panther. With all these in place what should Marvel do with the popularity that seems to have come so easy to them? We have some ideas.


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While Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye were all fun additions to The Avengers, it is hard to see any one of them capable of headlining their own movie like some of their team members. But if you put all three of them into one film perhaps that could work. We got a taste of it with some Black Widow and Hawkeye stuff, perhaps we could have a prequel story for them as well as Nick Fury. Either way we want to see more of these characters.



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One thing that every fan has come out of The Avengers cheering about is the portrayal of the Hulk. After one abysmal failure (2003’s Hulk) and one mediocre rehash (2008’s The Incredible Hulk) Marvel finally got the big green guy right in The Avengers with Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Now hopefully we can get the Hulk movie we deserve.



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Yeah, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 will both probably be good but its just such a step back from what we just got. If Marvel is smart hopefully we won’t be getting five more films of set up for The Avengers 2 and we can get that sequel in just a few years. It is going to be an adjustment seeing them all together and then separate again, so lets just put everyone back together a lot sooner. Sound good Marvel?



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It’s time. You want to know why Iron Man 3 has a lot of potential? This guy. If Marvel finally decided to deliver Stark’s arch-nemesis in movie form than we will likely at least have a film better than Iron Man 2. The first Iron Man movie referenced the Ten Rings, which is an allusion to the Mandarin. One person rumored to be in Iron Man 3 is Ben Kingsley, and he would make a fine Mandarin.



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One of the most celebrated comic book arcs in the last decade is Marvel’s Civil War which pit all of Marvel’s superheroes against each other on two sides. The plot dealt with a registration act for superheroes, forcing them to give their secret identity. Sadly Sony still owns the rights to Spider-man who plays a fantastic role in the story, but they could still make it work. The very end of Avengers seemed to be pointing towards this as people reacted to the huge battle in Manhattan in very different ways. Seeing this brought to life would surely be epic.


There you have it folks! Any other directions you would like to see Marvel go now that Avengers is done? Sound off in the comments section below.

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