Frozen Review: You Won’t Be Left Out in the Cold

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Do you remember the last truly great Disney musical you saw? Whatever it was, Frozen starts out a lot like that movie, but doesn’t finish like it.

Our story begins with not one, but two princesses, one with magical ice powers, Elsa, and one with incorrigible bubbly, loneliness, Anna. The story of the two detached sisters is mostly told through song, some of the best Disney has cooked up in the last two decades.

But eventually, Elsa looses control of her powers, sending the kingdom into an eternal winter. Anna, with the help of a few companions, including a dashing young lad with luscious blond locks and a lively snowman by the name of Olaf, must save her sister and bring summer back to the land.

Olaf tends to provide much of the humor while the others carry the story. It’s the making of the best band of Disney heroes since Simba, Timone, and Pumba, until Frozen drops the soundtrack and embraces the very cliches it was avoiding so well.

No, Frozen never really gets bad per se, but it feels like two different films quality wise. The first half is the best animated film of the year. The second half feels like the third best animated movie of the year.

There’s still humor and emotion, but the second half just feels so much less creative and original.

It’s disappointing, really; Frozen is still the standout animated film of 2013, effectively putting Disney Animation back on top, replacing its sister company Pixar (I’m not buyin’ it Monsters University).

But Frozen could have been a classic! All the pieces are there for it to be, it just doesn’t quite stick the landing. So instead of a great animated film, we get a very good one. It’ll please kids and parents alike, but will make very few favorites for the end of the year. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty


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