‘Game of Thrones: A Man Without Honor’ Review

Credit: HBO

There’s only two episodes left in the season and it’s becoming increasingly apparent that no-one if safe from the hand of fate in this show.

Good lord, things are getting interesting in Qarth. The terrifyingly skinny Warlock member of The Thirteen, [insert-name-here] seems to be taking drastic action to take power of Qarth, and has drawn up an alliance with charming-chubby-black-man (Xaro, according to the internet. I should really start learning people’s names) to seize power and turn Quarth from a democracy to a monarchy. In a fantastic, tense moment, every other member of The Thirteen dies horribly. The tension is masterfully built up by the GoT crew, with superb swelling music and sudden twist of extreme violence. Whoever they got to play the Warlock is masterfully creepy. Credits to make-up as well.

We finally get a decent chunk of time with Sansa, who’s been out of the picture for a while. The young stark girl has finally…ahem…”come of age,” and is now terrified of the fact that she can now bear Joffrey’s children (We can only imagine his kids to look something like the Red Priestess’ terrifying shadow spawn). No sign of Joffrey in this episode, though, so one can only hope he’s infertile or dies before he can impregnate the poor girl. Speaking of which, Tyrion and Cersei have a conversation towards the end of the episode about controlling Joffrey’s behavior – I wonder where that’s going?

Jon Snow is still up North of the wall with his redheaded wildling friend who turns out not to be much of a friend at all. However, as a couple, they have great banter and chemistry between them – Snow, ever the prissy virgin, constantly refusing Ygritte’s increasingly less subtle advances. I found this scene humanized the Wildlings a little bit – though they capture Jonny in the end, I can’t help but hope it’ll be a transformative “colors of the wind” moment for him, without bloodshed. Oh, what am I saying. There’s probably gonna be bloodshed.

The ending “oh no you didn’t” scene of this episode seemed strangely less enthralling or shocking than usual, even though what happened should have been the most horrifying thing in the world. I’m not sure what it was – whether it was the acting, the fact that the shot stayed a little too long on Theon’s face, or that the music seemed a little less epic than usual – I’m just not buying it. But hey, maybe I’m not supposed to – maybe the charred bodies were not really who Theon said they were, that kind of thing happens all too often in GoT. Something to find out next episode, I suppose. Until then, (9/10)

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    oh em gee whoever wrote this review sounds like they’re BRITISH!!! COME FUCK MEEE RALLY HARD!!

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