Game of Thrones: And Now His Watch is Ended Season 3 Episode 4 Review

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I’m beginning to see why the fans love this book so much.

So is everyone else still having trouble picking their jaw up from the floor? It was an eventful episode all over the map where the quiet scenes delivered on the drama, and the bigger scenes delivered on everything else.

I am going to start off with the only negative thing about this episode so we can just get it out of the way, Theon. The writers are trying to make him sympathetic by giving him guilt. It just didn’t work. Now he’s back where he started. I just feel like this could have been cut. I loved Theon’s portion last week, but I wasn’t sold here.

But the rest of the episode more than made up for it. Jaime and Brienne now have this bond that unlike Theon’s guilt, feels completely genuine. They only have each other in this situation and the excellent chemistry they share is at an all time high.

The younger Stark siblings had brief appearances tonight. Bran’s dreams continue to be fascinating as he sees his family and new guide. Arya continues her journey with the Brotherhood, who now plan to kill the Hound. The trial scene was riveting as Arya speaks up and for once, someone listens to her. This was a great set-up for what should be an awesome showdown next week.

King’s Landing was fairly eventful this week as well. Varys got some creepy character development. I wonder if he can really do some harm to Melisandre in the future.

Meanwhile, Margaery and Lady Olenna continue to play their game. Joffrey trusts the former now more than his own mother. I’m not totally sure if Sansa is in the right crowd becoming friends with Margaery, but I have a better feeling for than for Joffrey. Also I’d like to point out that Diana Riggs is absolutely hysterical as the elderly Olenna. She even went further and had a standout scene with Cersei.

Speaking of, watching her struggle for power and beg her father is really humanizing her in a way the writers have failed with Theon. Seriously, the conversation between her and Tywin was heartbreaking. She’s losing control, and I’m starting to root for her to get it back.

Now onto the title of the episode. Is this the end of the Nightswatch? Jeor certainly looked dead. This whole event as literally shocking. We’ve been following this group for two and a half seasons now and suddenly they all kill each other. At least Samwise escaped.

The episode ended, of course, with probably the most badass scene second to the whole Battle of Blackwater. Who better to lead it than Daenerys? Did anyone actually believe she would give up her dragon? Oh Khaleesi, you had everyone fooled. She makes sure the new deal is done, fries the corrupt seller, sends her new army on their creators, and then frees them. What a way to rule. I’m still rooting for her to win the game by the way.

It’s such a shame Theon had to be the one black mark on this episode. Literally every other story was so freaking good. I think I can forgive it. Instant classic. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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