‘Game of Thrones: Blackwater’ Review: Why the Battle Gets a Perfect Score

The Stags met with the Lions in a climactic battle in tonights episode, the second-last of the season.

This episode had more of a narrative feel to it – rather than jumping all about like the show usually does, this episode focuses more on the siege of King’s Landing. And it’s done brilliantly.

Not much to detail in terms of plot – the siege that has been dreaded over the course of the season has finally come, and the sky is falling. HBO must have dedicated the majority of their budget to this episode, which contains more gore and special effects than I think I’ve seen in the entire season. While some of the effects have been a little hokey in the past, these were spectacular – especially when a bombing ship attacks the raiding fleet, sending bodies flying in a green explosion.

This episode was penned by the author of the book series, George R.R. Martin, and it seems that his narrative skills extend into writing for the screen. There’s a different feel to it – it seems simpler, more classically written, yet strangely more epic. I, personally, love it, and I hope that Martin returns to write a few more of the show’s critical episodes.

For example, the episode continually shifts to scenes of the Lannister women and children holed up in a bunker. These scenes contrast with the violence and bloodshed continually displayed outside – but there’s still a tension in the room. A certain epic tension that almost boils over, only to shift to violence and bloodshed. The viewer is constantly tantalized. It’s excellent.

Don’t get me wrong – I love this show. But this was the first episode in a long while that had me truly riveted, glued to the screen. The excellent performance from Peter Dinklage, whose character has matured to a great degree over the past two series, is extremely evident in this episode. Rory McCann also has a bit of a breakout episode as The Hound, convincingly displaying the usually stoic character’s one flaw.

All in all, it seems that a lot of alliances, trusts, and relationships have been broken. All I can say is that it’ll be interesting to see how the final hour of thrones will pick up all the pieces. (10/10)

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