Game of Thrones: “Oathkeeper” Season 4 Episode 4 Review

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Game of Thrones sort of coasted this week, just showing us glimpses of different characters and not really advancing the plot outside of little teases for the future.

We start with Daenerys, who has found a way to manipulate with slaves of Meereen to kill their masters for her. Questionably moral? Perhaps, but she’s freed more slaves and her army is growing. I appreciate how the series is showing us that maybe Daenerys is a little too power hungry. The scenes surrounding her that started the episode were the most rewarding moments of the hour.

King’s Landing was a bit all over the place this week. By which I mean just what is up with Jaime? After raping Cersei last week, they share a single awkward scene this week that doesn’t necessarily imply that anything wrong happened. Is this the writers trying to show us what a cruel world Westeros is for women? Was it really necessary at the sacrifice of Jaime’s character growth. Without the now controversial rape, Jaime sending Brienne off to find Sansa would have much more resonance. Although, there was some satisfaction in Podrick being chosen as Brienne’s squire.

Speaking of Sansa, Littlefinger tells the newly “freed” Stark that they are going to her aunt’s, which is also where the Hound is taking Arya! What tragedy will make sure the Stark sisters are never reunited next?! Sansa is once again trapped, but at least in a different location and by different trappers.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow tries to get a group of men together to travel beyond the Wall to Craster’s Keep, where the Night’s Watch mutiny took place last season. He succeeds and it’s really all just teases for whatever is going to happen next.

Beyond the Wall, the Night’s Watch betrayers prepare to sacrifice Craster’s last son to the White Walkers. But Bran hears the cries which leads them to investigate which then leads them to get captured. It wasn’t the best way from A to B, but this was clearly a set up episode for these characters. It is a bit exciting, however, that Jon Snow is going to where Bran is. Unless, of course, another famous Stark separation-by-tragedy occurs.

Oathkeeper wasn’t a great episode of Game of Thrones because it didn’t ask questions about many of its characters. Things happened and there were certainly cliffhangers (White Walker king?!), but it was actually a pretty dull affair. Well, as dull as Thrones can be. So it was still pretty decent. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Katie Smith says:

    Apparently, the director thought last week’s scene “became consensual.” So…yeah. They’re expecting the audience to think they saw a disturbing scene, but not a rape scene. I’d suggest reading that passage from the book and pretending that’s what you saw.

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