‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2 Review: A Heavy Improvement to an Already Great Show

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The second season of HBO’s spectacular epic, Game of Thrones, was an exciting ride that fixed a lot of the pacing problems of the first season. And I wondered if the show would survive after killing off its main character…

The season started, in many cases, moments after the first season had ended. Right from the beginning the stories were sharper and more focused. The North Remembers was a great season opener that teased the dark future for the show.

However, a clear standout for the season was the penultimate episode Blackwater, which saw the series’ first full scale battle, and did not disappoint. By shifting the focus only on the happening at King’s Landing, the battle had more focus than any other and is honestly a landmark in television history.

But when talking about Game of Thrones the character arcs are what make the show great rather than individual episodes.

Peter Dinklage once again did an outstanding job as Tyrion. He was the most compelling character to watch throughout the season as he interacted with his sister her awful son.

One character who truly surprised me this season was Arya Stark, who at her young age, was the center of many of the season’s most captivating stories.

Two great characters from last season who struggled in the first half of the season were Jon Snow and Daenarys. But, as you saw in the season finale, Valar Morghulis, their stories both ended incredibly strong.

Another interesting story was that of Theon, who quickly became one of the most hated villains on the show. His betrayal of Robb was a cold one. Speaking of Robb, he and his mother sat in the background for most of the season while their rivals and other family members took the spotlight.

Perhaps the best new character introduced this season was the creepy Melisandre, who aided Stannis in his attempts to seize King’s Landing. I could never take my eyes off of her as you never knew what would come out of her next.

Last Sunday’s finale set up the third season extremely well while still giving us closure on several characters’ arcs. This is quite easily one of the best shows on television but it is not without its problems. Some stories linger on for too long, but it already was a huge improvement over last season. It also became much easier to keep track of the characters this year. It is truly sad that we have to wait all the way until April to get more Game of Thrones. (9/10)

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