‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2 Trailer is Here!

Finally, after much anticipation, the trailer for Season 2 of HBO’s hit medieval epic, Game of Thrones, was released today. The trailer shows HBO’s excellent production values – with sweeping vistas, swelling music, and writing that makes a one-minute trailer seem incredibly compelling.

Hopefully we can expect more of these production values in the second season – HBO dedicated 60 million dollars to the production of the show’s first season and reaped huge rewards. With the epic nature of the trailer, let’s hope that a similar investment has been made this season.

The trailer, which depicts a conversation beween the eunuch Varys and Tyrion Lannister, doesn’t reveal much – it’s definitely still lurking in “teaser” territory – but its tagline that “anyone can be killed” rings a sharp note to the series’ brutality. Once again, it seems that we’re going to be stuck, glued to the screen, while the producers (and George R.R. Martin) toy cruelly with our emotions.

Obviously, the show follows pretty closely to the narrative set down by George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, but for those of us who have abstained from reading them in lieu of watching the series, the trailer reveals some interesting plot points.

After Ned Stark’s death in episode 9 of the last season, it seems that all bets are off. In the trailer, we see a brief clip where King Joffrey – my personal nominee for the most hatable character on television – aims at Sansa Stark, his queen, with a crossbow. Meanwhile, we see Joffrey’s mother, Cersei Lannister, dragged off by guards.

There’s also hints towards the “imp” Tyrion Lannister, a character who is played superbly by Peter Dinklage, having more relevance to the main plot. In the conversation, Varys says “even a little man can cast a big shadow.” Tyrion was named the new hand of the King at the end of last season, so it’ll be interesting to see what the next season brings for the little man.

Season two premieres on HBO on April 1st. See the trailer below:

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  1. tanto says:

    im rooting for tyrion

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