Game of Thrones: “Second Sons” Season 3 Episode 8 Review

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Now that’s more like it. Game of Thrones bounced back this week with a focused episode that moved stories forward at a much better pace.

Only half of the main characters appeared this week, and that was a great thing. I’ve been hoping for Thrones to ditch the idea of seeing eight or so stories a week, and five is the perfect amount.

Second Sons started with a great intro to the developing dynamic between Arya and the Hound. It was fun to hear him recount his encounter with Sansa last season. Of course Arya doesn’t believe him, but he claims to be taking her to Robb. This story looks to be going somewhere.

The middle of the episode was devoted to some of the major developments we’ve seen in some of the slower episodes that hurt the middle of the season.

The title of this week’s entry was names after the next clan that Daenerys is courting for her forces. It did seem odd that there were no repercussions from her ill fated meeting last week, but I’ll forgive it for the introduction of a new character! Daario Naharis, could he be a future love interest to the Mother of Dragons? It should be exciting to see this play out, as her hand grows mightier and mightier.

Meanwhile, King’s Landing saw a monumental event with the wedding of Tyrion and Sansa. But beforehand Tyrion paid a visit to her, assuring her he will never hurt her. It’s odd, these two shouldn’t be married, but Tyrion is becoming even more likable for making the best of it.

The wedding itself was perfect. The sadness on Sansa’s face as Joffrey walked her down the aisle, reminding her of course that her father isn’t alive to do so, was heartbreaking. The excellent background score certainly helped make this wedding nothing to celebrate.

At the reception, Tyrion gets drunk, very drunk, and actually tries to sleep with Sansa, but he realizes just in time that he’s going too far. He says “And now my watch has begin,” a perfect way to further connect the world of the show. This new dynamic is going to be fun to watch, especially when the weddings of Margaery and Joffrey and Cersei and Loras.

Melisandre brought Gendry to Stannis this week, who reveals his intentions to sacrifice him to Davos. At least Davos was freed, but Gendry is kind of in a tough spot, with the creepy as ever Melisandre putting sex leeches on him.

The episode closed with Sam and his new “family”. Crows follow them and he eventually gets attacked by who I assume is the White Walker king. But he is able to kill him with that dragonglass knife. While Sam may not be the most exciting character to follow, the nature of the mysticism surrounding it is at least intriguing. But I have to admit it’s still really hard to care about the former bumbling sidekick of Jon Snow.

Still though, Second Sons was a heavy improvement over the last three or so episodes. Things picked up for these stories because the writers took time to develop significant events in one episode, instead of stretching it out to three. Next week I hope the other half gets the same treatment. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty


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