Game of Thrones: “The Climb” Season 3 Episode 6 Review

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If nothing else, the folks making Game of Thrones are getting really good at awkward humor.

I’m of course referring to the scene where Tyrion has to tell Sansa they will be married. He doesn’t want to do it. She doesn’t want to hear it. It was funny to me. Probably because Peter Dinklage is still the best actor on this show. I also enjoyed his scene with Cersei just before, as their father has put them on the same level. No, they’re not “good” but they’re still family.

I have to say though, besides a couple plot lines, The Climb was yet another episode that really got us nowhere. I understand this season is half a book, but maybe it shouldn’t have been.

Case and point, the opening scene with Samwise. He has not been written that compellingly, and this thread with the woman and baby hasn’t been either. Samwise worked better when he was with Jon Snow. But now he’s getting the same treatment as a main character. Sadly, it isn’t working.

Another thread that really needs to get sped up is Theon’s torture. It’s just going in circles with Theon believing this guy, being wrong, and getting tortured more. Every time he appears on screen I think I’m being tortured with boredom and false plot developments.

And why did Robb Stark even appear in this episode? The scene provided nothing else than showing us he’s stressed while at war. It’s a compelling arc for Robb but we’re treading into “dead horse” territory.

Even Jaime, who has been much more interesting as of late, was in covered ground this week. Despite just losing a hand, and hilariously unable to cut meat (right now the dark humor is the best thing about this show), I don’t believe he is in any real danger. The sexism on Brienne is no longer shocking, but expected. These glimpses of characters we get every week barely do anything to advance the plot this season.

Bran, however, is a notable exception. Because his group has a new dynamic. As of now, the new guys are fairly underdeveloped, making any scenes with them entertaining as the writers settle into a new groove for the group.

Bran’s sister also benefited from a solid storyline this week. Melisandre has come to the Brotherhood for Gendry, who she says will play a large part in this war. Interesting. You can’t go wrong with characters we know but have never met interacting, and Arya and Melisandre really delivered. “We’ll meet again,” the witch says to Arya, and as foreboding and menacing as it was, I can’t wait.

Now, the story that really kept this episode afloat was Jon Snow climbing the wall, not for the action, but the dangerous developing romance between he and Ygritte. The pair have a chemistry that has yet to be beat on this show. Plus now Jon Snow is over the wall and back to the side of the living, opening up many possibilities.

So no, The Climb wasn’t necessarily a bad episode, but it wasn’t really a good one. A couple stories moved forward and were at least entertaining. But maybe the show can benefit from showing us less characters per week and moving each story forward at a more significant pace. It doesn’t have to move lightning fast, but just seeing a character for one scene per week does little to move them forward. It’ll make for much more consistent and memorable episodes. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty


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  1. Paul says:

    I agree. I actually fell asleep at one point during one of the “I wuv you poopsie, no I wuv you more” scenes. I don’t remember which one, it’s all a blur.

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