‘Game of Thrones: Garden of Bones’ Review

Season two of Game of Thrones seems to be rapidly escalating towards an epic climax, and if this episode was any indication, that climax is coming sooner than later.

Joffrey seems to be more sadistic than ever – his cringe-worthy scene with the two prostitutes he was sent was sickening, but really did wonders to show just how malicious that character is. Tyrion’s determined quest to slap some sense into him seems to be rather fruitless, but it would be fair to assume that he won’t try this tactic after this debacle. Credits to Jack Gleeson for conveying the boy’s cruelty so brilliantly.

This particular episode raised a whole bunch of questions, many of which have somewhat of a cliffhanger ending. Aria being put into the hands of Tywin Lannister is somewhat of a shock – it really seems like it’s only a matter of time before she gets recognized by someone, even a member of the Lannister household.

The demon ghost baby at the end of the episode brings up a lot of questions. This is a new element for the show, which has been only made brief references to its more supernatural elements. Now it seems that something ethereal is set to take a more central role in the epic.

After not been shown at all last episode, Daenerys is back, and it seems that she’s finally caught a break. It was wonderful to see her begin to embrace her role as a Khaleesi, and strive to lead her people. Her and her people finally taking refuge in Qarth makes a great change from the aimless, depressing wanderings that they’ve been suffering through the past few episodes. It’ll be really interesting to see where that goes.

In terms of production, the show is still brilliant – though some cracks seem to show up in this particular episode. While the episode’s climactic ending was sone really well, it seemed to have come at the expense of other things. There’s a scene where two characters are rowing that seems to be awfully green-screened, and HBO seemed to have skimped on what could have been a great battle scene when the Starks invade a Lannister camp.

There’s a lot of loose ends at the moment, but that’s the pleasure of this series – to see where they all tie up. (9/10)

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