‘Game of Thrones: Valar Morghulis’ (Season Finale) Review

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In the extremely busy season finale, Game of Thrones gave us closure in a lot of areas and whet our appetites for another season way too far away from now.

The aftermath of Blackwater were some of the most interesting aspects of this finale. Tyrion is losing all of his power within the Lannister family, being replaced as Joffrey’s hand by his own father. But that wasn’t the only thing being shaken up, Sansa is no longer being forced to marry Joffrey! Rejoice! No now he will marry Margaery Tyrell, who wants revenge for the death of her husband.

The only other fallout was Stannis returning to the mystical Melisandre, who showed him something in the fire, but what? All of the closure from last week did a great job of closing a few stories and opening up new ones.

However, the best segments of the episode went to Daenarys who had to enter the House of the Undying to get her dragons back. The scene where she hallucinated Khal Drogo was one of the most emotional of the series, whether it was real or not. After that we got the closure we needed on this story. Daenarys commanding her pets was one of the coolest moments in her story yet. I was happy to see her leave this dreadful city with such a sense of accomplishment.

Another great thing plot in this finale was over the wall. Jon Snow was finally let loose after killing his fellow Nightswatch. Between the city he saw and the army of White Walkers his companion saw, next season should be great for everything over the wall.

More major happenings to end the season were in Winterfell as Theon was forced to give up the city in hilarious fashion. Also, Bran returned afterwards to the burning city, a slightly disturbing sight as it was the home of many of the heroes in the past.

The rest of the finale was broken up with smaller scenes featuring other main characters this season. Brienne and Jaime are still heading to King’s Landing. Robb Stark got married. Arya is free from Harenhaal and seeking out her family.
All these scenes were necessary but hurt from the lack of seeing the for more than a few minutes.

When this finale was great it was really great, but overall there was a bit too much going on. This show had too many threads to address in sixty-four minutes. There really was no way this finale would feel calm. However, there is plenty to look forward to next season but enough closure on plotlines from this year to keep me satisfied. Next April cannot come soon enough. (9/10)

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