Game of Thrones: Walk of Punishment Season 3 Episode 3 Review

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Now that the characters’s tables have been set, Thrones settled back into the type of entertaining hour we are more accustomed to.

From the first two scenes, this may have been the funniest episode of the show yet. Not only was the archer missing the canoe darkly comic, but the silent Lannister dinner actually had me laughing right out loud in what was easily the funniest scene of the series yet. Cersei’s smirk and all.

Walk of Punishment was an improvement over the first two episodes due to this, as well as a ton of other things. Like the fact that just about every main character showed up and moved their story forward just enough for satisfaction. If I’m correct, only the Joffrey/Margaery/Sansa storyline and Bran didn’t show up.

While the former had thus far been the most captivating of the season, this episode allowed the other plots to come into their own. That, or they were just so damn entertaining I didn’t see the difference.

Take the rest of Tyrion’s story tonight. After being named Master of Coin, he rewards his rescuer from the Battle of Blackwater, with prostitutes. But the boy comes back to Tyrion and Bronn with the money they gave him saying he didn’t need it. Turns out he was so good, they let him have a freebie. Tyrion reaches for the ale and says, “You must tell us everything.” See guys, this show can be funny too!

Jaime even got some laughs out of me this week. After he and Brienne were captured, he uses his silver tongue to stop the men from raping his escort. He even gets them to let loose his chains. Of course then they chop of his hand. Cut to black for an upbeat rock song. The writers really used their funny bones this week. Oh, yeah, and Jaime is in a pretty rough spot.

The humor ended their though, as the rest of the characters were in for the typical seriousness we’ve come to love.

Theon managed to escape his prison, with some help. This lead to a cleverly filmed chase sequence that proved the guys haven’t lost their tough action wise.

Daenerys had her hands full this week as she tried to purchase an entire army. When the maker said she could not afford it, our Mother of Dragons offered one of her own. One dragon for one army. My guess is Daenerys has something cooking to get her beast back.

Robb continues to hold his mother captive, and it keeps giving Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark the best acting material of the season yet. She reminisced this week about her childhood, waiting for her father to return. It was melancholy stuff, but Fairley sold it beautifully, making Lady Stark one of the most rewarding characters to watch at the moment.

Everyone else kind of just had little tidbits. Jon Snow’s new friends, led by Mance Rayder, are going to war with the White Walkers, after seeing the “art” of horse parts everywhere.

The rest of the Nightswatch returned over the wall. Samwise witnessed a creepy baby birth. This was the low point of the episode. Nothing really moved forward and these characters aren’t as well developed as the others.

Melisandre is leaving Stannis briefly for a mission she won’t tell him about. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s creepy. So hopefully we get to see it.

And Arya remained in “captivity” with the Hound being treated like crap. A minor, perhaps unnecessary update.

But most of the episode was compelling stuff that pushes these stories forward. With the addition of some very funny scenes, and a brilliant chase at the end, this was the best of the season yet. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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