‘Game of Thrones: What Is Dead May Never Die’ Review

The latest episode of Game of Thrones saw the season kick back into the swing of things, introducing more action, tension, and bloodshed.

This episode was another Aria-heavy one, chronicling her and Gendry’s trek towards the Wall. Both Gendry and Aria’s actors are fantastic, and their chemistry shines through vividly. Aria’s scenes are also where the majority of the action takes place, with some really riveting, gory scenes that make you cringe.

Tyrion’s shaking things up still in Lannister territory – there’s a fantastic scene in which the little guy tricks a member of the Queen recent’s inner council. The different way this particular scene is shot is what makes it so fantastic – it really shakes you up and makes you pay attention.

We also finally get to see Renly Baratheon again. He had a few small appearances in season 1, but it’s good to finally see him getting some screen time. It seems like he’s due to get a way bigger amount of screen time in upcoming episodes, as he’s now cast as one of the kings set to compete for the throne.

I was rather disappointed to see Balon Greyjoy fail to warn Robb Stark – his loyalty towards his father is one element of the story that seems unfeasable to me. I suppose, though, that this may be one of those things that will be extrapolated upon in further episodes.

Another fantastic episode in this current season. It hasn’t disappointed yet (8.5/10)

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