Girls: “Ask Me My Name” Season 4 Episode 7 Review

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Girls has treaded into traditional sitcom territory before, but never as much as in “Ask Me My Name.”

Season four of Girls has a big risk-taking problem. First, Hannah wasn’t brave enough to stick it out in Iowa. Now the show seems terrified of letting Adam not be around the main characters. He and Hannah broke up two episodes ago, yet here they were together surrounded by several of the show’s other big characters.

In perhaps the most awkward moment of Hannah’s long-standing career of awkwardness, she brings a new colleague on a date to Mimi-Rose’s art show. Hannah has done some awkward stuff before, but this takes the cake. Adam of course immediately freaks out, while Mimi-Rose seems totally cool with the situation. Hannah’s date leaves pretty quickly after.

One thing that was weird about the art show was that Marnie was there. Sure, Desi was brought into the show through Adam, but it’s not like they’ve even shared a scene together all season. Jessa makes sense, but has become so unlikable that you wonder why Hannah continues to try and be friends with her. Marnie though, did she forget how crappy of a think Adam did to her best friend? It seemed out of line with the character to go support her best friend’s ex’s new girlfriend’s career.

Sadly, this means that Girls is going to keep Adam a core member of the cast by any means necessary. I love Adam Driver as much as everyone else, but his presence on the show is starting to make less and less sense. He’s sort of there to just absorb Hannah’s awkward tantrums while he pursues a mature relationship.

The problem is that Girls is still trying to be about the Hannah and Adam relationship when it is clearly over. This season as a whole has been very Hannah heavy. Perhaps its time to let Marnie or Jessa form tangible arcs for the season. With just three episodes left, I’m not sure that’ll happen.

The saving grace of “Ask Me My Name” was Hannah’s conversation with Mimi-Rose. These two people, both incredibly important to Adam in different yet similar ways, are surprised to find they have a lot in common. Mimi-Rose is incredibly likable, mostly thanks to a committed and nuanced performance from Gillian Jacobs.

Still, I’m not sure what the point of this episode was aside from Mimi-Rose is awesome. Hannah’s awkward entry at the art show took things to sitcom-y levels of unbelievability. There was nothing selling me on Hannah’s choice to bring a date to the art show. It was just a means to an end. That is to say, lazy storytelling.

So I suppose Girls has gotten lazy. We certainly saw that when Hannah was in Iowa, but I had hoped “Sit-In” was a sign of better things to come. But the show has become a bit of a mess, regressing to levels of comedy it was once very much above. When you don’t believe the characters choices and actions and you can see the writers moving you from point A to point B, it’s a sign of a show struggling to remain relevant. It’s a sad thing to say about Girls because it delivered some of its best work just two weeks ago. But that has really been the only sign of life this entire season. “Ask Me My Name” was definitely a new low. Grade: C


Some Other Notes:

– The episode did start out fine enough. Hannah seemed to really enjoy teaching high school students about Oedipus Rex. I also want to read an essay from Hannah about how we got from Oedipus to MILFs.

– Jake Lacy stopped by as Hannah’s colleague that she then ruins her date with. Can he get a second chance please?

– Seriously though, bodega owners that don’t let you use their restroom are the absolute worst.

– Best thing about the episode was obviously Zachary Quinto. But he’s the best part of everything he does.


By Matt Dougherty

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