Girls: Bad Friend Season 2 Episode 3 Review

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This week was not Girls’ best week, but it was an extremely eventful one.

Jessa and Shoshanna are basically absent from the episode sans one tiny scene, the first scene with all four girls together so far this season.

Hannah goes on an interview and the editor she meets with suggests she try coke for the first time and write about it. Hannah takes this advice to heart, and procures some coke from her very strange former addict of a neighbor, Laird. Then she and Elijah plan and embark on a coke binge. While this episode as a whole was one of the least impressive, the scene where Elijah and Hannah dance to “I Love It”  by Icona Pop in the club ranks high as one of the most fun scenes of the series. But back on track, in the midst of a very high heart to heart, Elijah confesses that he had sex with Marnie, and Hannah reacts exactly as we would expect. To put it lightly, she does not take it well. When they leave the club, they discover that Laird had been following them. He blames himself for giving Hannah drugs, cries in the drugstore, and then goes with them to confront Marnie. The whole thing is weird.

But not as weird as where they find Marnie, which is Booth Jonathan’s home. Which is weird. He’s weird, his art’s weird, sex with him is weird (as Marnie learns.) I’m glad to see Marnie letting go of her inhibitions this season, I just wish it was executed differently than it was in this episode. I like the power shift in Hannah and Marnie’s friendship, I just don’t really like how they got there this week.

When Hannah, Elijah, and Laird arrive, Hannah wastes no time calling Marnie out on being a bad friend. The confrontation is actually riveting, Hannah taking Marnie off her holier than thou friendship pedestal. This season has really seen her completely fall apart, and Hannah putting her in her place really seems like it could be the last straw for an already fragile Marnie.

Hannah also tells Elijah he needs to move out, and I think I was more devastated than either of them was. Hannah and Elijah as roommates are absolutely perfect, and though I knew it wasn’t going to last all season I needed more than three episodes of their brilliant dynamic.

At the end of the episode, Hannah kisses her creepy neighbor.

It kills me to say this, but overall, this was not a very good episode. Is it because I can’t relate to a coke binge? Maybe. But really I think that it just lacked any grounding. Not that it was a crazily outlandish plot, but it just never managed to really get me on board, something Girls usually does without even trying. Maybe that’s the problem, this week, it felt like they were trying. Too hard. Grade: C

By: Meghan Coan


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