Girls: Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Review

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Girls was an emotional roller coaster this week. For basically every character, and for me as a viewer. Which is why this show works so well. They make it impossible not to relate to.

Hannah is writing an e-book! Finally, it seems some good news has come for Hannah where her writing career is concerned. But obviously, she’s having tremendous difficulty getting started, having never had an actual deadline before.

But half this episode’s focus, as indicated by the title, was on the boys. After we learn of Hannah’s good news, we get to witness one of the strangest, and maybe one of the most significant, dynamics this show has yet to present. Ray and Adam. They managed to magnify one another’s weaknesses in a way that was truly meaningful. Adam is still obviously in love with Hannah, and his warped perception of reality is still intact to the point where he kidnapped a dog genuinely thinking he was doing the right thing. On the other hand, we have Ray. His confession of love to Shoshanna seemed so genuine, but Adam surprisingly eloquently points out that maybe it wasn’t. Ray always seems to be analyzing everyone else, but he truly is lost himself. The final shot of him sitting with the stolen dog, feeling judged even by him, was nothing short of heartbreaking.

Marnie’s breakup with Booth Jonathan was less heartbreaking. Mostly because he was never a particularly likable character and because he clearly never thought they were dating to begin with. Marnie has taken a lot of hits this season, and this one seemed to hit home the most for her, but didn’t resonate as much with me. What did resonate was how clear the disintegration of Hannah and Marnie’s friendship was this week. Anyone who’s ever gradually and somewhat inexplicably lost their best friend could not have gotten through their one painful lie-filled phone call without getting emotional. (I will admit that I shed a tear or two.) Hannah and Marnie’s friendship was such a staple of season one. Though it was obviously tumultuous at times, it always seemed permanent. I can’t think of Girls without thinking of the scene at the end of All Adventurous Women Do where the two of them dance to “Dancing On My Own”, and I think any fan of the show would say the same. Now, however, it seems that there’s barely even a friendship left to salvage.

Girls’ brutal honesty is undoubtedly its greatest strength. And while it seems season one focused more on situations that were universally relatable (going home for the first time after living on your own, fighting with your best friend, lusting after the wrong person) this season has managed to accurately hone in on universal feelings through situations that are a little more far-fetched. Loneliness in particular is a feeling that has been communicated to an uncomfortably realistic degree. Feeling lost, feeling alone, feeling hopeless. Each in their own way, that’s where every character seems to be right now. This episode really drove that home, and did it strangely gracefully. Grade: A

By: Meghan Coan

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