Girls: “Close-Up” Season 4 Episode 6 Review

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After an episode as masterful as last week’s “Sit-In,” there was no way Girls was going to be able to hit that high standard again so quickly. “Close-Up” does little to maintain that momentum, but does introduce some potentially interesting character directions.

Hannah’s life is such a mess right now that she will take any advice as to what her next steps should be. What’s sad is that Girls doesn’t seem to have any idea what Hannah should be doing either. Brunch with her friends, including newly returned Elijah, points her in one direction. “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach,” Jessa recants to her. So now Hannah is going to go try and be a teacher. The episode did nothing to convince me that Hannah wants to be a teacher at all, let alone try to be good at it. Girls has written itself into a corner concerning Hannah’s career. Now it’s trying to write itself out but, like Hannah, it seems lost.

It doesn’t help that the main plot of “Close-Up” was Adam-centric. Look, Adam is pretty easily the best character on the show. But the point Girls seems to be trying to make about young adulthood doesn’t necessarily need Adam anymore. The writers either need to work him in with one of the main characters or write him off entirely (I know, it’s borderline unthinkable). Having him going to AA meetings with Jessa was a smart move, but after “Sit-In,” I wonder if this episode should have even included Adam at all.

However, I can appreciate how this episode played with Mimi-Rose as a foil to Hannah. She’s independent to the point where Adam feels unnecessary, to which she agrees, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want him around. That’s very different from the neediness of Hannah, which comes as kind of a culture shock to Adam. So while this storyline was constructed well-enough, it shouldn’t have been the focal point of this episode unless it was somehow going to involve some of the other main cast members.

The result was an episode that seemed to be wandering aimlessly looking for a new path to follow. Being how the first half of the season played out, it’s not surprising that Girls would need an episode to regain its footing. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go much past that. Grade: B-


Some Other Notes:

– Five friends sitting on the corner of the bar eating brunch and drinking cocktails was a perfect little snapshot of city life.

– Ray running for office had a lightbulb go off that Hannah becoming a teacher just didn’t. I like that direction for Ray mostly because he’d probably be great at it.

– How far along in her music career with Desi is Marnie going to go before she realizes how big of a mistake she’s making?

– Shoshanna and these job interviews are some of the best scenes of the season.


By Matt Dougherty

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