Girls: “Full Disclosure” Season 6 Episode 6 Review

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The best moment in “Full Disclosure” comes during the credits. Through Adam’s film, we see a version of how Hannah and Adam met for the first time. It’s a scene written so perfectly, with exaggerated versions of Hannah and Adam, the latter playing himself, putting their full quirks on display and finding a genuine and meaningful attraction. This is the moment that jumpstarts a whole bunch of what would go on to happen on Girls, yet one we never saw or even heard talked about. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and a reminder beyond some of this show’s more questionable creative choices that these two shared a deep and important relationship.

I do hope, however, that Girls isn’t setting up Hannah and Adam to get back together for the series finale. The show has time to justify that, but I think Girls made some really wonderful statements about lost loves since their breakup. It also spent most of season three justifying that they were doomed from the start. Seeing that work undone in the show’s final hours would be hard to swallow.

But onto the episode itself. “Full Disclosure” was high on emotions. Hannah finally got to share the news of her pregnancy with some key characters. Marnie is of course supportive of Hannah’s decision to keep it. This beautiful friendship is Girls‘ main source of emotion as of late, and it’s great to see this show not holding back on it for some of these big moments.

Adam’s reaction was also one of support, even if it’s fleeting because Hannah won’t let it be anything else. But Adam finding out also means Jessa finds out, and we finally get an extended scene where these two former friends talk. Jemima Kirke was terrific here as Jessa pleaded with Hannah for her friendship. In this big moment in Hannah’s life, Jessa not only wants to be needed by her friend, she’s desperate to see her through it as well. Hannah very coldly denies her that. The fruit basket of the season five finale wasn’t a call for friendship, it was Hannah’s call for her own maturity and trying to bring peace to the situation. At this point, I’m not sure what could fix their friendship. A baby might be that thing, but Hannah is also too stubborn to let Jessa anywhere near her child as things currently stand.

These complicated moments shed light on exactly what Girls has done well since the beginning. Marnie’s storyline this week does just the opposite. With Desi frustrated at the type of gigs they’re getting, it appears that he and Marnie’s partnership on stage may have finally come to an end. Instead, Marnie has to do an embarrassing gig with her mother. The handling of Marnie’s career is pretty easily one of Girls‘ biggest mistakes, and one that the writers seem completely unaware of. It’s the show at its most ridiculous and far away from the tone it started with.

Still, “Full Disclosure” had a number of well-written, emotional scenes. This wasn’t the best episode of the season, but it’s definitely an improvement over the last two. As the show settles into the Hannah pregnancy storyline, it’s drawing out some strong statements about these characters and the friendships they partake in. At this point, the show isn’t going to correct the mistakes it’s still making, but what’s working on the show is working very well. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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