Girls: “Gummies” Season 6 Episode 5 Review

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Girls‘ final season is really starting to feel like one. Take the scenes being filmed for Adam and Jessa’s film, which act as a pseudo-recap of earlier seasons of the show. The fact that Adam and Jessa came up with the idea last week and are already shooting this week is preposterous, especially since it’s clear through Hannah’s storyline that not much time has passed. But this kind of reflection is something final seasons can at least partially get away with. It’s awkward for Jessa to have to watch her boyfriend act opposite a surrogate for her best friend. She’s watching intimate moments that she likely never heard of or maybe never even thought existed. No matter what in this situation, Jessa is losing. Adam, being slightly more mature, sees the purpose of his film as an exploration of pivotal moments in his and Hannah’s respective psyches. But Jessa is watching a highlight reel of something that could be more profound than what she has now. The avenue for Jessa’s self-reflection is insane and ridiculous, but its existence strums up both specific character introspection and audience nostalgia. This is a common element when shows start to wrap up, but it’s not the only one Girls is exhibiting.

Ray’s grief over Hermie’s death is something else that carries a finality to it. Ray is realizing the fragility of life, but he’s also someone who’s never been quite sure of where he belongs in either his career or his love life. One of his strengths has always been soaking in the details and realizing the beauty of life. Marnie has always been the opposite. Girls has unfortunately written Marnie in this relationship as the worst human being alive, sapping the thematically rich ideas here of some of their realism, but then that’s also why it feels so natural when Ray breaks up with her on the spot. As he listens to recordings of Hermie and his mother, he absorbs another corner of the world he appreciates so much. Now maybe he can learn to appreciate himself in a way that Marnie would have never been able to reciprocate. Shoshanna, on the other hand, could provide the support Ray needs to bounce off of.

As for Hannah, she has to deal with her mother this week, who’s reached new levels of immaturity. After consuming some pot-laced gummy worms, Loreen learns about Hannah’s pregnancy. At first there’s some pride, but as the drugs kick in, Loreen all but falls apart, leaving Hannah to try and pick up the pieces. In this moment, Hannah has to be a parent of sorts. She’s scared, embarrassed, and begging Elijah for help. But even Elijah represents another side of the coin to Hannah’s decision to keep the baby. He himself is not ready to lose one of his best friends to motherhood. He’s not even ready to be at an age where his friends start having kids at all. He says that Hannah will be a bad mother, which Lena Dunham played off of wonderfully. So far, everyone she’s told is thinking about themselves and what this baby means for them. It’s fitting as she arrives home and the mirror of herself starring in Adam and Jessa’s film tells her exactly what she needs to hear at that moment. Kids are easy, being an adult is hard, she says. While definitely not entirely true, this is someone with perspective on the matter talking to Hannah about Hannah. Girls has built its characters so that this very thing almost never happens, as they’re all so goddamn self-centered. But it’s a nice moment where Hannah gets attentions that she for once deserves.

All that said, “Gummies” does highlight some problems season six has presented that are sadly likely here to stay. Jessa and Adam’s relationship is underdeveloped and their successful careers popped out of nowhere. Marnie’s portrayal constantly shifts from empowering to being the spawn of Satan. Hannah’s pregnancy is taking a bit away from everything Girls has been since it started. The show is executing aspects of these things very well, but season six’s great start is quickly fading. There’s still time. Half a season remains, and Girls has pulled off some amazing feats very quickly in its muddled history. But right now, this final season looks like it could be one of its weakest. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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