Girls: “Hello Kitty” Season 5 Episode 7 Review

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After such a phenomenal showing last week, Girls had a lot to live up to with “Hello Kitty.” Is season five a brilliant return to form, or is it a mediocre album with a few great singles? A lot of character choices are made in this episode for where the show is heading. The decisions range from bad to boring to great, which is essentially what Girls has been since ending its first season.

“Hello Kitty” does have the benefit of putting many of its main characters in a single location, and an interesting one at that. After a frustrating fight with her boss continues to challenge the believability of Hannah’s social ineptness, she and Fran head to an interactive play. Acting as a parody of sorts of New York City’s famous Sleep No More, the play focuses on the murder of Kitty Genovese, with viewers able to walk around a full building and watch as actors act out scenes pertaining to the story in different rooms. This led to a very fun way for the core cast to weave around each other, with Adam acting in the play and Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, Ray, Fran, and eventually Desi all sharing scenes together.

But the most beautifully shot scene of the episode was easily the moment where Hannah realizes Jessa and Adam might be an item. The lighting, the theatricality, and the sheer romance imbedded in this sequence was astounding. How this all plays out, with Hannah complimenting Adam before he walks away with Jessa and then just profusely apologizing to Fran was heartbreaking. Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke once again knock their scenes together out of the park. Jessa looks to want to turn around and talk to her friend, and you’re begging her to, but she can’t. Hannah meanwhile is speechless and quivering at the thought of it, forgetting the fight she and Fran had earlier that he’s trying to continue at a most inopportune moment. It’s powerful stuff for its believability and genuine drama.

That said, Marnie’s storyline takes a step backward when Desi announces that they got a callback from a producer that wants to put their song on a death sequence in Grey’s Anatomy. Elijah dating an Anderson Cooper type and Adam being on Broadway wasn’t enough, everyone on Girls is getting famous now. I had hoped with “The Panic in Central Park” that Desi’s role would diminish quickly, but starting a new storyline is just an unfortunate place for this series to go after it worked so diligently to fix Marnie.

Speaking of ridiculous plot lines, Elijah attend a celebrity filled party hosted by Dill. He hears a bunch of rumors about his new romantic prospect that make him question everything. All of this felt like it was straight out of Sex and the City. That’s not to say it wasn’t partially fun, but this could be a wonderful moment of growth for Elijah that’s overshadowed by a storyline bigger than him.

So for all its unevenness, “Hello Kitty” may have been the best overall portrait of Girls season five to date. It had crazy subplots involving celebrities and lazy characters getting incredible breaks, but also genuine emotion in the development of friendship in your 20s. This season may not be hitting all the right notes, but the ones it is hitting its absolutely killing. It’s just a shame that more of these characters’ storylines can’t be more consistent. Grade: B

Some Other Notes:

  • “Your friends are all nice. Mine are mean and poor.”
  • Lena Dunham finally shows her full vagina on TV. Does the fact that no one cares mean that we’re bored by it or that it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal anyway? Can it be both?
  • I love Marnie’s critical asides of the play. As if she’s a more in tune artist.
  • “He really knows how to make a guy feel like the only girl in the room.” Man did Elijah kill it with the one-liners this week.
  • It’s sort of a shame that in an era where Looking was cancelled when it was breaching a quality so few shows do that Elijah’s story isn’t at all relatable.

By Matt Dougherty

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