Girls: It’s About Time Season 2 Premiere Review

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If you were at all worried that Lena Dunham could not pull off a second season that would live up to the hype of the first, don’t be.

From the opening scene mirroring last season with Hannah snuggling with her roommate, now Elijah instead of Marnie, to the final scene where a naked Hannah plops down on the bed of her new love interest played by Donald Glover, I loved every minute of this episode.

Hannah seems to be coming into her own, but not without some serious baggage. Her and Elijah as roommates is nothing short of perfect. Her new relationship with Sandy, played by Donald Glover, shows her seriously re-examining her approach to romance. And then there’s Adam. His leg is broken from getting hit by a truck in the finale, and even though she’s broken up with him, Hannah has been his constant caretaker. Mostly out of guilt. When he begs her to get back together, we see the Adam we came to love last season. His weird vulnerability somehow makes him charming, but I can’t help but remember how badly he treated Hannah in the beginning and be proud of her for turning him down.

Somehow Hannah seems to be the one who’s got things almost under control this season.

Marnie is having an extraordinarily difficult time adjusting to the loss of her job and boyfriend. And in the scene I felt most deeply this episode, she tells Hannah that she feels like she’s losing her as well. We’ve all been there, in an unidentifiable transitional phase, and Allison Williams did an absolutely brilliant job walking us through Marnie’s.

Her insecurities intersect with Elijah’s during a drunken heart to heart (after a truly spectacular karaoke duet to “Building a Mystery”) that turns into an ill-fated attempt to have sex. Elijah, now claiming bi-sexuality, comes onto Marnie, clearly because of his troubles in his relationship with his sugar daddy boyfriend, George. Their entire scene together felt very genuine, and I was surprised at that given their past dynamic, but it totally worked. After the awkward hook up, Marnie retreats to Charlie’s apartment. He and his girlfriend had gotten in a fight earlier in the night, and Marnie knew she could count on him for comfort when she was just feeling alone. It’ll be interesting to see where they take their relationship as the season progresses.

Shoshanna seems pretty lost as well. She was awkward and solitary all during the party, and watching her sing karaoke alone made my heart break for her. Ever since being rejected by Ray after losing her virginity to him, she’s had difficulty coping. When he approaches her at the party, she tries to stay strong and walk away from him, but their strange chemistry is too overpowering.

We only get a glimpse of Jessa, post honeymoon. She seems happy with Thomas John, but we’re reminded just how fast and insane their wedding was when she laughs off not even knowing his address.

Last season, we fell in love with these girls by being forced to embrace their flaws and seeing a little bit of ourselves in each of them. This season seems like it will be more of the same, but delving even more deeply into their individual lives. I love the flip flop of having Hannah seeming stronger than the rest of the girls, the opposite of how last season began. She learned lessons through her tumultuous relationship with Adam, and through the maturing of her friendships. But she still doesn’t quite have it all together, because, well, she’s Hannah. I could not be more excited for what the rest of this season holds. And as someone who’s been counting the days since the finale till this day, I have to echo the episode title. It’s about time Girls was back. Grade: A-

By: Meghan Coan


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