Girls: On All Fours Season 2 Episode 9 Review

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With only one episode left in this season of Girls, each character seems to be on a downward spiral.

Marnie seems convinced she can actually pursue singing. When Charlie invites her to a party at his office, her delusions reach a new level when she railroads the DJ to sing a rendition of Kanye’s “Stronger”. I was physically embarrassed for her, as was everyone else at the party. Charlie pulls her aside and tells her she needs to get herself together. She asserts that she is doing fine, kind of, but Charlie rightfully points out all of her recent missteps. Mid-argument, chemistry takes over, and they end up having sex in his office. I can’t help but feel like Charlie is finally doing so well, and that getting involved with Marnie again is going to drag him down, but I guess we have to wait for the finale to see if anything comes of this.

Shoshanna and Ray were also at Charlie’s party, and Ray ends up calling Shoshanna out on her extremely strange and guilty behavior. She ends up confessing a half truth, and says she held a doorman’s hand. She awkwardly accepts a loving embrace from Ray, and theirs is another relationship whose progression in the finale I am very anxious to see.

Speaking of anxious. Hannah. Lena Dunham is doing a phenomenal job of portraying Hannah’s unstable mental state. After a meeting with her editor goes terribly, he basically tells her that she’s lost her voice in the pages she’s sent him for her book, her anxiety is at an all-time high. Her OCD causes her to stick a Q-tip so far into her ear, she ruptures her ear drum. I’ll be honest, I am too unnerved by the thought of that happening to have been able to watch the scene in its entirety. The bloody Q-tip was enough to make my eyes water. We’ve seen Hannah falter before, but she’s never been in this fragile a state. It’s painful to watch…especially after she runs into Adam on her way home from the hospital. And when she gets home, she sticks a Q-tip in the other ear, unable to bear feeling so uneven.

In the beginning of the episode, Adam seems to be doing very well. He and Natalia really seem to be hitting it off. She even takes him to an engagement party for her friend, a delightful cameo from one of my favorite comedians Amy Schumer. Adam is very socially awkward as always, but he seemed somewhat ok until he runs into Hannah outside. This clearly shakes him, and he goes inside and orders a Jack and ginger. He gets drunk, and while he and Natalia seem to have an enjoyable time at the party, once they get home, it is an entirely different story. After several drinks, Adam’s much more sexually aggressive with Natalia, like he used to be with Hannah, and it does not go over well at all. It is an uncomfortable scene to watch all-around, equally because of the sexual aspect and the emotional one. Watching Adam struggle is always so unsettling. Probably because of what a phenomenal actor Adam Driver is.

At this point, no relationship is stable, and no character’s future is certain. Everyone seems to be floundering. I can’t wait to see if the finale brings certain conclusions to any of these struggles, good or bad, or leaves us hanging. It wouldn’t really be like Girls to wrap anything up neatly, as that wouldn’t be very realistic, so it will probably be the latter. The progression of each character has been so interesting to watch these past nine episodes, and I can’t wait to see where we leave them next week. Grade: B+

By: Meghan Coan


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