Girls: One Man’s Trash Season 2 Episode 5 Review

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This was not a typical episode of Girls, but it was very well done.

This week zeroed in on Hannah, much like The Return in the first season. By way of a confrontation over trash cans between him and Ray at Grumpy’s, we meet Joshua, played by Patrick Wilson. A handsome, 42 year old, almost divorced doctor, who Hannah follows to his brownstone to explain that she was the one that had been putting garbage in his trash can. And they have sex. Inexplicably. But when both of them acknowledged how weird it was, I felt better. Because it was odd, and out of character. If Jessa had done it, it would’ve seemed normal. But after the discussion, and Hannah seeming to take control of the situation, it stopped seeming bizarre and started being very interesting.

The strange familiarity that comes with spending the day with someone you’ve slept with, even if you don’t know them that well as with Hannah and Joshua, was portrayed incredibly well. And through the course of the episode, how together and grown up Joshua is highlights how Hannah is neither of those things.

After fainting in his shower and having him comfort her, Hannah starts crying. Realizing that all she actually wants is to be happy and have someone care about her. She wants to stop living her life just for the experiences to write about. Her realization that she is truly lonely, and her divulgence of her self-discovery obviously turn Joshua off, but being the polite adult he is, he tries to cover it up.

The episode ends with Hannah alone. Joshua’s gone to work, and she plays house for a little while, but ultimately leaves. Having learned a lesson? It’s hard to say.

Hannah’s insecurities haven’t been showcased like this since last season, and while I did miss the other girls, who have all had great stories so far this season, this heightened Hannah episode was necessary. We sometimes need a reminder of what this show is really about. Last week reminded us just how much this show is about intimacy, relationships, and friendship, but it’s also largely about navigating growing up. Being on the cusp of adulthood, but not quite there, is lonely. And that lonliness is almost impossible to articulate, so leave it to Girls and Lena Dunham to paint the perfect picture of it.  Grade: B

By Meghan Coan


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  1. Richard says:

    I think this was probably an episode for us old people. It reminded me of what Woody Allen could do.

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