Girls Season 3 Gets a Trailer!

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“I’m not interested in anything they have to say! that’s not the point of friendship!”

One thing made clear but this all too brief look atĀ Girls‘ third season is that the laughs appear to be coming back. This trailer hits the ground running with comedy with Hannah yelling at Adams in the woods on the side of the road. How they got there and the context doesn’t matter for the jokes, but I can’t wait to find out anyway.

Jessa is back, after sitting out the last third of Season 2, as well as Elijah, who was last seen on a crazy night of coke and dancing with Hannah.

Some other stray observations, Hannah is in a cubicle, Charlie isn’t even mentioned, and Hannah twerking on a tombstone. Bring it on.

GirlsĀ Season 3 premieres January 12 with two back-to-back episodes, once again the same night as the Golden Globes (thanks HBO). Check out the trailer below!

By Matt Dougherty


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