Girls: “She Said OK” Season 3 Episode 3 Review

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Ray got a chance to shine in another solid episode of Girls’ third season.

But first, Adam’s sister Caroline is in town, causing all kinds of problems for Hannah and Adam. Hannah wants to help, in some of the least self-centered scenes we’ve seen from her, and invited her to her 25th birthday party.

Thrown by Marnie and Hannah parents, this was a clever way to tie in several throw away characters from the show’s history. Even if for a brief second, it’s great to see Tako (who can tell when people think her name is spelt with a “C”) again. Even Laird had some cute moments. Plus Hannah’s parents are always a joy to see.

But the party also accomplished something we got almost none of last season: getting the four girls together. I loved how Marnie’s personal tour of the party ended with Jessa and Shoshanna in a somewhat hidden room, as if the escape to Hannah’s best friends was all she really wanted. You’ve also got to love how when Marnie invites Hannah onstage to sing a song from Rent, Jessa and Shoshanna force her to get up there.

Marnie’s singing career was at the forefront this week as well. She continues to have a beautiful voice, but has yet to find the proper setting to exploit it and get people to notice her.

Hannah and Adam leave the party, allowing for them to have some of their cutest scenes together (his gift is a necklace of his tooth, not a gift I would want to receive, but an adorable gesture that only this couple can pull off). They get back to the apartment, ready for some birthday sex, when Hannah finds a pantless Caroline who breaks a glass in her hand in the bathroom. Hannah is beginning to understand Adam’s animosity. While Caroline was fun for this episode, and also sheds a little light on the surroundings Adam grew up in, I hope her time on Girls isn’t very long. Caroline doesn’t need to be the big dynamic-shaker she could be used as.

Far and away, however, the highlight of this episode was Ray. He’s a manager now at Grumpy’s, which could see a name-change to Ray’s. Having found his footing, he may be ready to confront Shoshanna. You had to love their conversation. Shoshanna’s cold indifference. Ray’s longing to say more when all he can manage is “I don’t want to be friends with you.” He picks a fight with Hannah’s editor that leaves him a little bloody. Ray is shaken from tonight and will go home very disappointed in himself. It’s great that Lena Dunham hasn’t forgotten about another guy on Girls who has serious potential for great character moments.

While She Said OK had a ton of great scenes, it didn’t really resolve a lot of the issues it brought up. Caroline is still at Hannah and Adam’s being crazy. Marnie’s singing career was dealt a low blow. Ray probably feels worse than he did before the party started. It’s forgivable because it’s an early episode in the season. We’re still getting used to the new status quo. The characters have a lot more room to breathe this season with the episodes slowing down their pacing a bit. So for now, we don’t need the resolutions, even if this episode forgot to put the period at the end of its sentence. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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