Girls: Together Season 2 Finale Review

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The Girls finale zoned in on the girls’ romantic relationships, and I really don’t know how I feel about that.

Marnie and Charlie are back together, and she seems happy. Charlie is basically the only good thing in her life right now. While it doesn’t seem  implausible that the college sweethearts would get back together, the nature of the reunion was basically out of a romantic comedy, and it didn’t feel genuine. All season, I’ve wanted Marnie to find herself, to regain her confidence. I don’t like that the writers made it seem she could only do that through Charlie.

Far and away, my favorite scene of the episode was Ray and Shoshanna’s breakup. Both Zosia Mamet and Alex Karpovsky have been consistently amazing actors all season, but this scene was especially brilliant. They both bring such raw emotion to their characters, two characters that were underdeveloped in season one. I fell in love with them falling in love with each other, but in the end that just isn’t enough for them. While it’s clear that Shoshanna has already begun to recover, it’s unclear where their breakup will leave Ray in the next season, and I’m already anxious to find out.

Hannah’s anxieties and OCD are at an all-time high, and so are the stakes she’s playing. Since rupturing her eardrum, she hasn’t been able to write, and if she doesn’t write, she’s going to have to return the advance for her e-book. After a truly horrific attempt to cut her own hair, and a ridiculous and unnecessary scene where Laird, her former junkie neighbor, tries to fix it, she calls Jessa. It was the only scene with Hannah that I truly felt this week, because Hannah misses Jessa even more than I do, and she really seems to need her. Or just need someone. She ends up face timing a frustrated Adam, who literally runs to her aide when he sees how weak Hannah seems. It was completely absurd. I really didn’t like that being the end to the season.

It’s not that I don’t want Marnie and Charlie back together, or Hannah and Adam for that matter. But the reunion I’ve really been waiting all season for was Hannah and Marnie. I always have felt that the girls’ relationships and complicated dynamics with each other were more important than their romantic entanglements, but this episode proved otherwise. The focus is really not on four strong but struggling individual girls…it’s on who they’re going to end up with. And that doesn’t sit well with me. While Shoshanna and Ray seemed completely genuine in their emotions, Hannah, Adam, Marnie, and Charlie seemed to force their storylines on us. I hope that next season goes back to the uncomfortably realism that makes this show so great, but the direction the finale took leaves me a little bit nervous. Grade: C+

By: Meghan Coan

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