Girls: “Truth or Dare” Season 3 Episode 2 Review

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No time is wasted in establishing some new dynamics for the season as we head into episode two.

Hannah, Adam, and Shoshanna are headed to pick up Jessa from rehab, with the trip there being an absolute riot.

If I have one complaint it’s that some of the earlier scenes with Shoshanna in this episode were too over-the-top. I get her personality but asking Adam “What’s your favorite utensil?” delved into excess. Even if Adam’s responses were perfect.

But once that was gone, we had the hilarious scene of the three of them playing truth or dare. This is where a totally bonkers dynamic was set up for Adam and Shoshanna. “I dare you to…kiss…Hannah,” Shosh says as if it’s the dirtiest thing this show has ever done. While Hannah tries to explain how boring of a dare that is, Adam gleefully jumps her with a kiss, to which Shoshanna squeals in excitement. Who knew these two would play off each other so well?

The scene in the woods was another fantastic example. Even the small details like Adam moving a branch out of Shoshanna’s way helped establish what was to come. In a tender, poignant moment, Shoshanna wonders about Hannah and Adam’s relationship, to which Adam responds “She is my best friend.” They may not be perfect for each other, but this will certainly be a defining romance for their respective lives.

Meanwhile, Jessa is latching to a father figure in rehab while awaiting her friends. Their interactions are sweet at first, but like the rest of Jessa’s world, crumble beneath her. He shows up high wanting to have sex, depriving Jessa of another father.

Luckily that’s when her friends arrive. Hannah and Jessa have a beautiful moment of understanding when Hannah begs her to stop disappearing. In most cases, Hannah explaining how Jessa has hurt her would sound so self-involved. But there’s that look Hannah has on her face after hugging Jessa, that she truly and deeply cares about her. Jessa needed to hear how she was affecting her loved ones. I just hope that Girls is strong enough to bring Jessa forward as a character.

Marnie only showed up briefly while moving into her new apartment with the help of her mother. You’ve got to love Rita Wilson as Marnie’s mother. So much about Marnie just makes sense now.

Girls appears to be a role now with everyone back in Brooklyn next week. These first two episodes have been incredibly strong and may just make forgiving the corny rom-com ending to season two all the easier. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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