Girls: “Two Plane Rides” Season 3 Finale Review

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In this season finale, Girls has given itself a chance to so something truly unique and spectacular. However, to follow this thread would likely mean the show would have to end sooner than later.

The future has always been a funny thing on Girls. It’s almost the only thing these characters talk about, selfishly of course. It makes sense, everyone in their early to mid 20s has at least a loose plan of what the next couple years might look like. But sometimes an opportunity comes that is too good to be true and you have to take it, thus destroying your plans.

Hannah got into a very good writing program at a graduate school in Iowa. In classic Hannah fashion, she tells Adam this moments before he is about to go on stage for the first time on Broadway. Naturally, he’s pissed. After everything, this event could be the nail in the coffin on Hannah and Adam’s relationship. But we won’t know until Season 4.

Girls is a brave show, but is it brave enough to remove its main character from her Brooklyn bubble? People in New York know that not everyone stays there. The show has been realistic enough so far, why not? I hope it tries to make it work. If it doesn’t, all my comparisons to Friends will be justified.

However, if it is going to try, Lena Dunham may want to start thinking about a series finale. Two Plane Rides presents a crossroads for the show, one that could determine how it is remembered after it’s gone and just what kind of show it is. Will Hannah stay in New York because this is a TV show and she can’t leave? Or will she go to Iowa and further separate herself from Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna? If it’s the latter, can Lena Dunham make the show work with Hannah so far away?

This episodes raised more questions than it answered. From a storytelling standpoint, its fascinating. From a critical standpoint, the episode had a lot of memorable moments. Hannah and Adam’s almost-breakup scene was outstanding, as was Ray denying Shoshanna when she claims to want him back. Both scenes harkened back to the phenomenal breakup scene Ray and Shoshanna shared in last season’s finale.

I do wish Marnie and Desi hadn’t kissed. I praised the last episode for not letting that happen and showing Desi in his happy relationship. The finale sort of took the easy route with that story, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as her and Charlie’s “reunion” in last season’s finale.

Then there was Jessa. A little more than that one scene she shared with the artist who wants Jessa to help her commit suicide would have been appreciated. It wasn’t quite as jarring as Hannah’s OCD from last season, but I was certainly reminded of it. But, like that out-of-nowhere subplot, it was really well done and a pretty decent cap on Jessa’s arc this season.

But we know Jessa will be in New York next season. As will Marnie, Shoshanna, Adam, Ray, and Elijah. The idea of Hannah potentially moving on to bigger things is a fantastic one. A lot of what’s riding on this episode’s success is where the show goes next season. But, until then, I’m wildly excited by the possibilities and even if it fails, this season was one hell of a ride. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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