Girls: “What Will We Do This Time About Adam?” Season 6 Episode 8 Review

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As Girls ends, it’s time for some of the characters to go back to the beginning. For Hannah and Adam, that means potentially getting back together to raise this child. These two haven’t shared a scene together in almost three seasons that wasn’t at least partially hostile. Returning back to the electric chemistry they shared early on feels like a must as this show prepares to end. It all seems perfect, but maybe a little too perfect.

Adam has always had an endearing paternal quality, much more so than Hannah ever showed. In the end, that’s what starts to freak her out. Adam has already thought everything through for how their life is going to go from here on out. But while shopping for baby stuff to put in Hannah’s apartment, Hannah starts to realize that this is in fact real, and that upsets her. Wordlessly breaking down in a diner, Hannah finally realizes what’s about to happen to her life, and Adam realizes that he won’t be a part of it. So he goes back to Jessa, which shouldn’t be his answer, but for now it is.

Girls‘ core characters, still in their mid-20s, have absolutely no idea what they want or need, which is just reality. But they’re a little closer. In the show’s second ever episode, the terrific “Vagina Panic,” Jessa skips her abortion appointment and has sex with a guy she meets at a bar in the middle of the day in the bar’s bathroom. When she does it again here, she realizes she’s looking for more. The level of vulnerability Jemima Kirke displayed in Jessa here was haunting. But with Adam back on her doorstep, after breaking up with her in the very same episode, she’s smiling. Adam isn’t the answer to her problems, but learning the way of stability might be.

Then there’s Ray, who’s probably in the best place he’s ever been in his life right now, despite some recent traumas. All he needs is someone to connect with. Enter Shoshanna’s old boss, Abigail, played by the wonderful Aidy Bryant. They immediately hit it off, much to Shoshanna’s surprise, and perhaps even slight annoyance. What they did next, however, was truly beautiful. Girls has spent much of its time showing the lives of young people who moved to Brooklyn looking for something that may or may not be there. As this episode showed, with Hannah and Adam’s false desires. But Brooklyn is a place with a personality that extends far beyond the gentrifiers (ironically guilty writer here, just to make note of it), and a history that will live much longer than them (us…sorry…). Ray and Abigail take to the streets, talking to anyone who will talk to them about their life story within Brooklyn. In a lot of ways, it felt like Girls saying thank you to a place so many different walks of life call home. I myself am proud to call it home (in all honesty, I was practically sobbing through this montage). Brooklyn will live on after Girls is over, and it will have endless stories to tell. I can’t imagine a more respectful way to tribute the borough by pointing out that the story of Hannah and her friends is just one of those stories in a deep ocean full of experiences and hardships brought together by a few subways and an electric personality.

Overall, “What Will We Do This Time About Adam?” really solidified that Girls is ending, while being one of the best episodes of the season. It’s strong focus on character, as well as its location, made for an emotional experience, one that hopefully pushes these people into territory where they can grow from their current state. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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