Go On: He Got Game, She Got Cats Review

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The second episode of Go On was another mixed back of half realized jokes and more genre blending issues.

Matthew Perry’s Ryan King is a serious problem for this show. For a guy who recently lost the love of his life he is certainly difficult to sympathize with. Most of the time he comes across as self centered and annoying. Yes, these are character faults that the writers should be giving their characters but there is not moment that gets us to truly understand Ryan. It is a shame because these flaws have promise to make for good TV. The writers rely on Perry to take the character in his own direction. All he seems to be interested in is getting laughs. If the writers and Perry could tone down what feels like Chandler on speed and focus on either making the show funnier or more emotional it could be great.

This episode saw him being forced to deal with several of his group members problems head on, outside of their sessions. A glimmer of hope for this show is George, the blind, elderly man who has pitch perfect comedic timing (something his costar used to have). The interactions with him and Steven (John Cho), who was pretending to be black, were hysterical. John Cho getting more screen time is a must if the show is going to improve. The final scene, however, at the basketball game between Ryan and George was the best moment of tonight’s episode.It was just sweet enough to make me smile and tune in next week.

That being said, the story with Sonya and the cats was pretty awful. She is not a funny character. The large amount of cats was not funny. Ryan King, as usual, was not funny. Sonya isn’t one of the stronger supporting characters (based on the pilot). Hopefully the show will try to explore their lives before returning to Sonya.

The second episode of Go On was disappointing after the pilot showed some potential. Yes, the B-plot showed some true potential with some side characters. But Sonya and more devastatingly Ryan King are pretty terrible. The show needs to decide what it wants to be because right now it isn’t funny or sweet enough to carry itself for the rest of the season. (5/10)

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  1. Parker says:

    I do and don’t agree with you. I think there are many small moments that truly let us see who Ryan King the character is, beyond just “hey, that guy was Chandler! Remember CHANDLER?!” The two best examples are when in the Pilot episode; he couldn’t sleep alone in his empty bed, and finally gave up and went to the couch. In last night’s episode it was his basketball game with George. I think Ryan being desperate for laughs all the time is actually the perfect cover for him; he’s obviously an emotionally stunted person in many ways, and the one person he was ever really comfortable with is now dead. That’s going to put up some walls. I don’t see the endless stream of jokes as a desperate bid for laughs on Perry’s part, but more the perfect armor for the character he’s portraying. Luckily, as a Dish employee beta tester I was able to record this on PrimeTime Anytime last night, using my Hopper, so I can go back today and re-watch it, but I think if you do the same with the points I made in mind, it may raise your score a little.

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