Go On: Pilot Review: A Funny Little Show With A Lot of Potential

Photo Credit: http://www.vulture.com/2012/08/tv-review-nbcs-go-on.html

Is NBC’s new comedy worth checking out? For now, yes.

Matthew Perry has been trying to get back on TV for years it seems. This first episode of Go On manages to give us the possibility that happening. Is this a great pilot? No, but it is a good one. The show strikes a darkly comic tone while still being heartwarming in the end.

The former Friends star plays Ryan King, a sportscaster who recently lost his wife in a car accident. Much like Chandler, Ryan King hides many of his emotions behind humor. This flaw is what Go On relies on for this episode to hook you and it mostly works. But be prepared, you must have a dark sense of humor to relate to Ryan King as he jokes about death and wonders who has the worst story.

This first episode goes quickly and does a fine job pointing to the future for the show. That is not to say it is without its issues, however. The pilot almost moves too quickly and does too much in its short run time. Many of the lighter jokes fall flat and it is hard to see the support group beyond their strange quirks. Depth will likely be added in the future, provided the show has one, but for now I am not convinced that this cast can carry the show. Matt Perry can’t be the only good thing about the show.

But still, Go On has a good number of surprises that make the pilot episode worth checking out. Ryan King does not come as naturally to Matthew Perry as Chandler did right off the bat, but to compare this to Friends would  be a waste of time. For now Go On can rely on its darker humor as it fleshes out its characters. Definitely one to keep an eye on. (6.5/10)

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