Go On: There’s No “Ryan” In Team Review

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Another lackluster episode that tries too hard to be funny and tug at the heart-strings.

The first couple of scenes of this episode gave me hope that series could find some originality, but then it collapsed in on itself. Does Go On still have some potential? Yes, but it is going to take too long to find its footing if it gets the chance. So, for now, this will be my last review. If I hear that the show picks up then I will come back. Now, on to tonight’s episode.

Like I said, the first few minutes were pretty good. The first exchange with Ryan’s gardener when he didn’t know his wife was dead was quite funny. Then the meeting that followed was pretty hysterical as well with the group trying to come up with a good license plate for Ryan’s car.

But after that, the show felt like a sad Community copycat. Ryan King is obviously supposed to be Jeff Winger, and instead of a study group we have a therapy group. The biggest difference? Jeff Winger is likable in his own strange way, Ryan King is not.

I also expect better from John Cho, who seems to be already bored by his role on the show. In fact any scene that doesn’t involve the study group is just boring unless it has smartly placed dark humor like the opening scene with Ryan and the gardener. This show is failing to strike an original and relatable tone. It’s a shame that Matthew Perry is no help.

There’s No “Ryan” In Team also showed that this show could easily settle into a specific formula. That is, Ryan doesn’t embrace the group, then in the end he does. The last two episodes did it as well. This is why I won’t be watching the show anymore, there is nothing holding me to watch next week. That is a failure. (5/10)

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