‘God Bless America’ Review: A Preachy Hypocritical Mess With a Few Redeeming Qualities

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Do you live in America and participate at all in our culture? Well according to this movie, you are a terrible person.

God Bless America is not an awful movie. It just whines a lot, much like the baby that the protagonist fantasizes about blasting with a shotgun in the opening scene. It is extremely difficult to make a film like God Bless America and have it be what many people would call “good”. Mostly because it is far too preachy for its own good and complains about every little thing that ever annoyed those who made it.

The plot of God Bless America revolves around a man and his younger female companion who decide to kill every that they believe deserve to die. This involves reality TV stars, people who talk in movie theaters, and anyone who in general lacks any sort of politeness. Here is the problem: the number of complaints that the protagonists discuss with each other likely leaves every single American citizen on their list of people who deserve to die. One you realize this, much of the humor in the film is instantly sucked out, and any message trying to be conveyed comes across as whining.

But before that, God Bless America features some great dark comedy. After all, there is a lot of fun to be had with a man who just doesn’t care anymore blowing the head off of anyone affiliated with MTV. Frank is actually a pretty good protagonist, played quietly but strongly by Joel Murray (who you may recognize as Fred Rumsen from Mad Men). He makes the most sense and is fairly easy to get behind.

His sidekick, Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr), on the other hand is way too much to handle. She instantly takes pleasure in the murders and begs for more without any real justification. By the time she tries to reveal a past, it falls completely flat. She comes across as an overly angsty teenager who is uninformed about the issues she is killing people over.

She is much of the reason God Bless America is the hypocritical mess that it is, but not the only. The script calls for too many issues to be presented on the table. For part of the movie you find the reasons they are killing people funny, but once it becomes apparent that these guys just hate everybody, the film completely falls apart.

It is too bad really because this film had a lot of potential. Instead we got this mess that features too few laughs and an annoying sidekick that just overshadows the decently respectable protagonist. Grade: D+

2 Responses to ‘God Bless America’ Review: A Preachy Hypocritical Mess With a Few Redeeming Qualities

  1. Angela Rheaume says:

    couldn’t have said it better. glad someone agrees with me

  2. Tanner says:

    Yeah I feel the same way, started out strong but sunk quickly after the first 2 scenes.

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