Godzilla Review: The King of the Monsters Reigns Again

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When Godzilla finally shows up at about the halfway mark of the movie, he is a larger than ever. The battles with the military and other monsters are implausibly massive, giving this reboot an epic scope. But what’s really surprising about this reimagining, is that the hour before the King of the Monsters shows up is actually pretty good.

Now I know, no one is going to go see Godzilla for the character progression. But what we’ve been given is just enough that this blockbuster does in fact have a heart. No one is going to win any Oscars for it, but the script does a nice job with some of the characters.

Of course, because the real star of the movie is the titular monster, the humans are shoehorned into as much of the action as possible. Our main hero, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), has more than one scene where a monster looks him straight in the eye. He’s the only character who comes this close throughout the whole film and the only real reason is because he’s the hero.

Godzilla features a number of leaps in logic that are way more noticeable in the almost monster-less first hour. But one thing that director Gareth Edwards has mastered is the art of slowly revealing what the audience is dying to see.

Where Jaws hid the shark from us for terror purposes, Godzilla hides the first several kaiju fights from us so that when we do finally get the big throw down of a climax it feels completely new and even grander. It would have been a disservice to show Godzilla battling other monsters before that final battle. It’s part of the genius that went into this highly entertaining blockbuster.

So while Godzilla isn’t the smartest blockbuster of the summer, it certainly delivers the goods longtime fans have been waiting for. The slow buildup wouldn’t work as well had the characters been less engaging, but they get the job done just fine until its time for the big monster rumble. Godzilla is a welcome surprise, showing big action in an even bigger way and not leaving out the human element that allows us to connect. Now bring on the Pacific Rim crossover. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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