Golden Globes 2015: TV Predictions

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As Amy Poehler remarked during her first Globes hosting gig with Tina Fey two years ago, “Only at the Golden Globes do the beautiful people of film rub shoulders with the rat-faced people of television.” While I’d hardly call any of this year’s nominees “rat-faced,” it’s true that TV and film stars sit side-by-side. Previously, we gave you our predictions for the movies that would go home with gold this Sunday. Now it’s time for the shows.


Best Television Series – Drama:

Photo Credit: Credit: tough race here with Game of ThronesHouse of Cards, and newcomer The Affair all giving stellar seasons. Still, don’t be so quick to discount critical darling The Good Wife or two-time Globe winner Downton Abbey. Though I’d like to see The Affair win for its breathtaking debut, I’m going to have to go with  House of Cards. With Breaking Bad finally out of the way, it’s time for this series to shine. Will Win: House of Cards / Should Win: The Affair


Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical

Photo Credit: very close race, with some incredible shows. What’s so interesting is that three out of the five nominees—Silicon ValleyJane the VirginTransparent—are all new series this year. It’s good to see the HFPA making room for fresh faces. I would be very pleased to see Transparent‘s freshman season get some more recognition, but I really think the most deserving, and most likely to win, is Orange is the New Black. Season 2 was simply unparalleled in its heart and complexity. (Also, why wasn’t Louie nominated? Sorry, I digress….) Will/Should Win: Orange is the New Black


Best Actor in a Drama Series

Photo Credit: Credit: category really comes down to a competition between a veteran and a newbie. Kevin Spacey is brilliant as Frank Underwood, and in season 2 he takes things to an even darker level. Still, critics are hailing Clive Owen’s daring performance as Dr. John Thackery in The KnickSince his nomination is the only one The Knick received, however, this looks to be Spacey’s year. Will Win: Kevin Spacey for House of Cards / Should Win: Clive Owen for The Knick


Best Actress in a Drama Series

Photo Credit: Credit: onto the ladies. This is a really close call. Julianna Margulies is an awards favorite, but she’s faired far better at the Emmys than the Globes. Viola Davis is earning raves for How to Get Away with Murder, but so is Ruth Wilson for The Affair. Then there’s last year’s winner, the wonderful Robin Wright. The frontrunner, however, seems to be Claire Danes. She’s already won twice for Homeland and this season was one of her best showcases yet. Will Win: Claire Danes for Homeland / Should Win: Ruth Wilson for The Affair


Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Series

Photo Credit: Tambor looks to be the one to beat come awards night. His performance as Maura in Transparent is haunting and achingly lived-in. It’s perhaps a little unfair that he was stuck in the comedy category, but it definitely makes him stand out. The only person who might be an upset is Louis C.K. who did marvelous work on his show this year. Still, he’s another one who’s much more celebrated at the Emmys. Will/Should Win: Jeffery Tambor for Transparent


Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series

Photo Credit: Credit: Louis-Dreyfus is yet another Emmy champ, but will this be her year to conquer the Globes? The latest season of Veep certainly put her up to the task. Though I would love to see the miraculous Gina Rodriguez take the stage, I think her newcomer status might not help against a slew of repeat nominees. I’m predicting another win for Selena Meyer. Will Win: Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep / Should Win: Gina Rodriguez for Jane the Virgin


Best Miniseries or TV Movie

Photo Credit: Credit: the star-studded Normal Heart won the TV Movie category at the Emmy’s, this looks to be a race between True Detective and Fargo. Both crime shows have received several nominations as well as massive critical praise. I’m giving this one to Fargo, since its a three-time Emmy winner. What’s a shame is that the gem that is Olive Kitteridge will likely be overlooked. Will Win: Fargo / Should Win: Olive Kitteridge


Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Photo Credit: McConaissance is a gift that keeps on giving. The True Detective star will likely follow up his Oscar and previous Golden Globe win with another victory. The only possible upset I see is Mark Ruffalo’s heartbreaking turn in The Normal Heart, but since True Detective has received more nominations, it’s a bit of a stretch. Will/Should Win: Matthew McConaughey for True Detective



Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie

Photo Credit: of the ladies nominated here got their spot on the list for playing brash, often unlikeable women, which I find to be incredibly refreshing. Leading the pack is Frances McDormand, who’s layered and increasingly intriguing performance as the titular Olive is not to be missed. As a series, Olive Kitteridge faces steep competition, but as a performance, McDormand is a clear frontrunner. Will/Should Win: Frances McDormand for Olive Kitteridge


Best Supporting Actor

Photo Credit:’s a slight injustice to have the supporting actor and actress categories lump comedy and drama together, but if they didn’t then the show would go on forever. Matt Bomer’s physical and mental transformation in The Normal Heart has him leading the pack, but I wouldn’t overlook Bill Murray or Colin Hanks just yet. Still, Bomer is truly deserving for his committed performance. Will/Should Win: Matt Bomer for The Normal Heart



Best Supporting Actress

Photo Credit:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/uzo-aduba.jpgI love me some Allison Janney, but I really don’t think she stands a chance here. Uzo Aduba took her troubled fan-favorite “Crazy Eyes” and made her even more multifaceted in Orange‘s second season. For this, and for her previous awards wins, I think she has this category locked down. Were anyone to beat her out, however, I’d give it to Kathy Bates. You can never discount a movie star. Will/Should Win: Uzo Aduba for Orange is the New Black



What do you think of our Globes TV predictions? Were we spot on or dead wrong? Who are you hoping takes home gold this Sunday? Sound off in the comments below!


By Mike Papirmeister

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