Golden Globes Predictions Part 2: Television

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Television has never been better. The current golden age has provided us with countless shows to watch and fight over when these pesky awards shows come around. Tons of great shows got their fair share this year at the Golden Globes, and the awards will likely leave some fans in the dust claiming how their show is way better than the winner. So here are our picks of who will win and should win in the TV half of the awards.


Best Drama Series:

Photo Credit: Credit: Newsroom is the only show that really doesn’t have a chance here, due to the wildly different reactions it received over the summer. Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey aren’t nearly getting as much hype as they used to. That leaves Homeland and Breaking Bad, two very strong series at opposite sides of their life span. Homeland is still new and exciting, and the second season had some incredible episodes, which is why it will likely win. But with Breaking Bad delivering an incredible half a final season in 2012, this is one of the last chances voters have to recognize it. Plus that train robbery was just so much fun. Will Win: Homeland. Should Win: Breaking Bad.


Best Comedy Series: 

Photo Credit: Credit:’m not a fan of most of the nominees this year to be honest. I really quite despise The Big Bang Theory and Smash. Modern Family has seen a significant dip in quality, despite racking up awards at the Emmys. That leaves Episodes and Girls. The latter, I believe, is going to redefine television. But the reaction to the show’s first season is pretty divided. So I think this category will more reflect the Emmys. Will Win: Modern Family. Should Win: Girls. 



Best Actor Drama:

Photo Credit: Credit: collection of actors nominated is just too much to handle. All five do such wonderful jobs on their respective shows. But the Emmys and other awards shows have loved Damian Lewis thus far, and it’s hard to argue with them. Something has to be said, however, for Bryan Cranston, who pulled a 180 on us in the first half of the final season of Breaking Bad, turning the show’s hero into its best villain yet. Will Win: Damian Lewis for Homeland. Should Win: Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad.


Best Actress Drama:

Photo Credit:, I love that Connie Britton got nominated and I know all the nominees are great, but Claire Danes, who won last year for Homeland, only improved in the show’s second season. Making Carrie a more accessible but no less crazy lead, Danes did some incredible work this year, solidifying that Carrie, and Homeland itself, will be a remembered for a long time. Will/Should Win: Claire Danes for Homeland.



Best Actor Comedy:

Photo Credit: Credit: is a tough category to predict. The only one I would say is really out of the running is Don Cheadle. In a perfect world, Louis C.K. would walk home with the trophy, but the universal love for Jim Parsons (which I really don’t understand) could get him a win. Although, the critics do love Matt LeBlanc. And with Alec Baldwin finishing up the last season of 30 Rock, the voters might think its his turn. Will Win: Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory. Should Win: Louis C.K. for Louie.


Best Actress Comedy:

Photo Credit: tough category to predict, the only one easy to rule out is Zooey Deschanel. But, like Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey could be awarded due to 30 Rock being on its way out. Julie-Louis Dreyfus snagged an Emmy last fall that could lead to her getting a Golden Globe. Also everyone can’t stop talking about Lena Dunham. But, I think this is Amy Poehler’s year. Her work at the end of last season of Parks and Recreation was incredible. If there’s one place she’ll get the recognition she deserves it’s here. Will/Should Win: Amy Poehler for Parks and Recreation.



Best Mini-Series or TV Movie:

Photo Credit: people really love Hatfield & McCoys and Political Animals. But know what everyone loves? Game Change. After winning just about every Emmy in its categories, the Sarah Palin drama has one more big awards show to take control of. There’s no doubt that this will take home the Globe, especially since many of its nominated big screen cousins are also of the political nature. Will/Should Win: Game Change.




Best Actor Mini-Series or TV Movie:

Photo Credit: Credit: Costner was recognized at the Emmys so I expect him to receive more here. However, if it turns out the Hollywood Foreign Press loves Game Change as much as I do, Woody Harrelson could walk home with the award. But the best nominee? That goes to Benedict Cumberbatch’s perfect underplay of Sherlock Holmes on Sherlock. Will Win: Kevin Costner for Hatfield & McCoys. Should Win: Benedict Cumberbatch for Sherlock.


Best Actress Mini-Series or TV Movie:

Photo Credit:’s a category full of strong performances by great actresses. But there is one obvious choice, Julianne Moore. Giving the best rendition of Sarah Palin since Tina Fey (since she’s host can there please be a “Palin off”?). I know it’s hard to resist Jessica Lange’s second great performance in a row on American Horror Story, but Moore is a huge part of what makes Game Change work, making this the easiest award to predict aside from Daniel Day Lewis winning for Lincoln. Will/Should Win: Julianne Moore for Game Change. 



Best Supporting Actor: 

Photo Credit: nominees here are pretty odd. There are tons of people I would nominate instead of most of these five. But I can’t deny that Max Greenfield brings much of the charm to New Girl, Ed Harris was a great John McCain, and Eric Stonestreet is one of the most appealing parts of Modern Family. But Mandy Patinkin is the heart of Homeland. It’s hard to even say that show has a heart, but the fact that there is one comes from Patinkin’s work. Will/Should Win: Mandy Patinkin for Homeland.



Best Supporting Actress:

Photo Credit: Credit: think there are just too many great supporting actresses to choose from for me to be really happy with this category. Maybe I think Sarah Paulson was better on American Horror Story than in Game Change. Maybe I’m just really sick of Sofia Vergara. Expect veteran Maggie Smith to grab this award. But part of me kind of really wants Hayden Panettiere to win for her electrifying role on Nashville. Will Win: Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey. Should Win: Hayden Panettiere for Nashville.


What do you think of our predictions? Who do you want to win? Tell us below!


By Matt Dougherty

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