Hannibal: “…And the Woman Clothed in Sun” Season 3 Episode 10 Review

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Hannibal seems a little scatterbrained right now. “…And the Woman Clothed in Sun” covered a lot of ground, but it didn’t all match up with itself.

There was great material in both Will and Dolarhyde’s stories this week, but Hannibal is perhaps trying to do too much with them both. There’s very little connection at this point between Bedelia’s past and the Red Dragon killings. The lack of Hannibal’s involvement in anything besides messing with people’s heads from his cell definitely hurts too. The show’s formula has been tampered with, and Dolarhyde just isn’t filling the void as well as some hoped he would.

But there is still something incredibly rewarding about Will and Bedelia’s meeting. They’re both “brides” as they put it, two exes free from Hannibal’s grasp that had very different ways of overcoming him. It’s fascinating to see them dissect each other’s lives so heavily, especially with the flashbacks that finally show us what happened with Bedelia’s mystery patient (oh hello Zachary Quinto).

Still, these scenes and other involving Hannibal and the main cast just don’t quite click with Dolarhyde’s scenes. There’s no question that the scene where Reba feels the tiger is gorgeous and emotional, but its not enough to get things moving in the right direction yet.

Of course, there’s the final scene in the museum, where Will confronts Dolarhyde face to face for the first time. But still, the Red Dragon hasn’t quite become the presence the show wants him to be for this moment to feel significant. If anything, it’s mostly just welcome to get the story moving along.

With just three episodes left, Hannibal has hit a bit of a rut. The show has heavily changed its formula, and not in the good way it did at the beginning of the season. There are signs of a brighter future, but this episode suffers for being all over the place. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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