Hannibal: “Aperitivo” Season 3 Episode 4 Review

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It’s been over a year since “Mizumono” aired and left everyone except Hannibal’s lives hanging in the balance. “Aperitivo” was a much needed catch-up episode that detailed just what happened to everyone after the vicious events of last year’s finale.

As it turns out, Hannibal committed a lot less murders than we thought. Will and Jack have already been revealed to be alive, and Alana joined them this week, making the only person who actually died in last year’s finale Abigail. Is it cheap for so many people to survive such a bloody encounter? A bit, but it’s pretty exciting to have so many people out for Hannibal now. Alana in particular suddenly looked like a noir heroin, hellbent on revenge.

We also got the surprise returns of Mason Verger and Dr. Chilton, who are both on the same page as Alana about dealing with Hannibal. Chilton’s return was particularly effective, as he did his best to sway the likes of Will and Mason, with the latter having a grand deformity-off with him.

But the highlight of the episode was easily Jack. For all the people who didn’t actually end up dead, Jack’s goodbye to his ailing wife was one of the most difficult scenes to watch of the series. Bella has always been a staple in Jack’s character on this series, while her personal connection with Hannibal was mined for drama. But with her gone, Jack has to focus on someone he thinks he can save, Will.

As the former colleagues converse about the mutual friend that drove them apart (and, you know, tried to kill them), the slow build to their current positions in Europe leads to Will literally sailing off to find Hannibal. And we know Jack is going to go right after him, hopefully with Alana not too far behind.

“Aperitivo” did a great job catching us up to the events of the first three episodes of the season. The fates of more than a few characters were revealed, while we got to see the mindset that brought Will and Jack to Europe. Now it’s time for a feast. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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