Hannibal: “Contorno” Season 3 Episode 5 Review

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It’s time for a rematch, but first, bowels in, or bowels out?

Things escalated quickly on this week’s Hannibal, especially with that fantastic final scene. Jack’s story this season has been a very sad one thus far. He survived the attack from Hannibal only for his wife to die soon after. Now he’s in Florence searching for Will, but the sight of Hannibal is too much for him to resist.

But first, Hannibal shared a few tense scenes with Pazzi. Hannibal’s gift to the man was an art piece depicting the murder of Pazzi’s ancestor, which our favorite serial killer then horrifyingly recreates. This series has always had fun with how it presents its violence, but the murder of Pazzi put a gratifying spring in Hannibal’s step. The show continues to do a wonderful job of forcing us to reluctantly root for this man. He asks Pazzi, “Bowels in, or bowels out?” only to answer for him, “Out I think.” It’s almost whimsical. Dr. Lecter is in his prime trying to lure his prey to him from across the globe.

But then Jack shows up right on his doorstep. The showdown starts with Hannibal in the window and Jack on the street. The La gazza ladra is loudest in all the right moments. It’s a dance, and the show surprisingly lets Jack take the lead. Hannibal takes quite a beating in their confrontation, but its almost certainly on purpose. He expresses genuine condolences for Bella’s death, once again getting to the root of this unbelievably complicated relationship Jack, Will, and Hannibal all share. Just when it looks like Jack is about to finish the job, Hannibal falls from the window to catch Pazzi’s hanging body and land on the street, the two dancers’ roles now opposite. What a stunning and rhythmic sequence.

Meanwhile, Will is on the road back to Florence with Chiyoh. According to his dreams and fantasies, Will may already be designing Chiyoh’s end. But she picks up on this and throws him off the train. Chiyoh is an interesting new player on the show’s dynamic. Her general awareness of the danger is refreshing and smartly up-to-date with where the show is at right now.

“Contorno” was the best episode of the season so far, mixing strong character movements with probably the second best choreographed fight scene of the show’s two and a half seasons, obviously behind the finale of “Mizumono.” With the groundwork laid, season three of Hannibal seems ready to up the body count, leaving us only hungry for more. Grade: A


Some Other Notes:

– Hannibal’s brief phone conversation with Alana was perfect. Now we just have to get her overseas with the rest of the people after Dr. Lecter.

– Jack scattering Bella’s ashes in Florence was appropriately beautiful.

– Mads Mikkelsen is having so much fun this season and it really shows. In a good way of course.


By Matt Dougherty

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