Hannibal: “Digestivo” Season 3 Episode 7 Review

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There is a bright flame lit under Hannibal right now. These past few episodes, “Digestivo” included, rank among the series’ best. This being a finale of sorts before we head into the arc based off of Red Dragon next week, “Digestivo” was packed with unforgettable moments and an uneasy sense of finality.

It’s not even possible anymore to call Will and Hannibal’s relationship anything but romantic. The marriage of the happenings in Florence with the disfunction in the Verger household came very quickly and paid off even quicker. The action was all back in Maryland this week, aside from an opening scene that thankfully let us know Chiyoh saved Jack’s life. But it’s Mason Verger’s time to be the villain, which put just about everyone besides Jack into play to take him down.

Mason’s plan is to have Will’s face surgically removed and wear it while eating Hannibal. But Margot isn’t out of play yet, and Mason appears to be drunk on power as he reveals a Verger fetus is on the farm somewhere. By Margot’s side, Alana pleas with Hannibal to save Will. In this story, Will is the damsel in distress to Hannibal’s hero.

Just as it looks like we’re watching Will’s face being cut off, the show delivers on that heroism. Hannibal carries him out like a superhero emerging from a burning building with the love of his life. Meanwhile, Mason ends up wearing his surgeon’s face instead.

But Margot and Alana are still in play. After finding out the fetus is being kept in a pig, Margot finally gets her revenge on her brother. She and Alana make for a fun new power couple. It was immensely satisfying watching them both hold him underwater while his pet eel eats through his face. Disgusting, but satisfying.

The best scenes of the episode all came in the aftermath. Will and Hannibal wake up at Will’s house. He’s finally had enough of Hannibal and is ready to be rid of him. The scene is unmistakably written like a breakup. It’s hard for Will to tell this man that means so much to him that their relationship is over. I found myself looking for tears in Hannibal’s eyes. They didn’t show, but Mads Mikkelson still got across that Hannibal was indeed heartbroken. It’s perhaps the most emotionally complicated scene of the series, and it’s perfect.

The episode ends with Hannibal turning himself in to Jack, telling him he’s finally caught the Chesapeake Ripper. Without Will hunting him, Hannibal doesn’t see the game worth playing anymore. It partly feels like a series finale, but anyone who knows Hannibal Lecter knows the story is just getting started.

“Digestivo” was made difficult to watch by the fact that it really looks like Hannibal is done after this season. It was easily one of the show’s best episodes, bringing lots of arc from the beginning full circle. Now, bring on the great red dragon. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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