Hannibal: “Dolce” Season 3 Episode 6 Review

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This is Hannibal‘s most fun season, and “Dolce” was its finest hour yet. Stacked with rich character dynamics and long-awaited reunions, we appear to be getting one hell of a mid-season climax.

The episode had a spark of energy right from the start when Will met up with Jack in Florence. Suddenly, everyone is in the same city (save for Alana and Hannibal’s previous victims). Things happened quickly, escalating as Will and Hannibal reunite.

Their meeting in “Dolce,” following the drugged up interrogation of Bedelia, was one of the most rewarding moments of the series. Using two seasons of the Will/Hannibal relationship preceding it, Will seems so excited to see this murderer again. Hannibal appears equally delighted. Like two lovers forced apart by unavoidable circumstances, they catch up with sincere smiles and uneasy flattery. Chiyoh interrupts with a bullet to Will’s shoulder.

After intimately tending to his wound, Hannibal sits Will down for a very special dinner. With another seat at the table, it’s only inevitable that Jack shows up, once again putting this trio back at the dinner table together. Hannibal continues to show off just how well it can weave its characters around each other. Having everyone slowly congregate in Florence only to meet for dinner was brilliant. It was also horrifying to watch, as Hannibal drugged up his friends and then took a buzz saw to Will’s head, in an attempt to “get inside his head.” For a minute, as blood drips down Will’s face, it seems the show is about to kill off its main character. Hannibal can survive without Will, and with everything that preceded it, Will and Hannibal’s relationship could end here.

Luckily, it doesn’t. They wake up strung up next to each other in Mason Verger’s home. Hannibal may have failed to “forgive” Will, but now there’s no doubt that when they get out, they will be doing it together.

“Dolce” was one of the most fun and outwardly interesting episodes of Hannibal to date. Season three took a little while to give us the helping of Will and Hannibal together we so desperately crave, but when it finally happened, it exceeded every expectation. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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