Hannibal Season 3 Review: This Bloody, Twisted Romeo and Juliet Comes to an End

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In the end, Hannibal was a love story. Season three confirmed that with both of its halves.

Playing like two miniseries conjoined by network TV scheduling, the third season of Hannibal did suffer from an awkward shift in momentum halfway through its run. But even so, this was a still a majestic and gorgeous batch of episodes.

The first half, where Will and Jack hunted Hannibal and Bedelia across Europe, was the best the show has ever been. From Jack’s brutal brawl with the killer to Hannibal carrying Will out of the Verger mansion like a superhero, the first seven episodes took the ground work laid in the first two seasons and ran with it.

The story that would eventually lead to Hannibal turning himself in didn’t require that much subtlety, but the artistic nuances and beautiful imagery hardly disappeared. Instead, it played like a reunion of lovers (Will and Hannibal) that eventually dissolved into a heart-wrenching breakup. But hey, that’s what happens when someone tries to cut your head open and serve your brains for dinner.

The second half of the season was a more direct adaptation of the books than we’re used to on this series, with these six episodes focusing on Red Dragon. Richard Armitage’s Francis Dolarhyde slowly transformed into the titular killer, finally coming into his own in the penultimate episode when he burned Chilton to a crisp.

But this story, which maybe only needed five episodes, definitely had its slow parts. The last two episodes, especially the series finale, picked things up considerably. Will and Hannibal’s tumble off the cliff, an act of heroism, love, and defeat might be the most emotionally complicated moment of TV this year.

We’re just glad the series got to end on a high note. With just three seasons, the last being arguably its best, Hannibal defied all expectations and became a classic, not just a cult classic, and put itself on the same level as the Breaking Bads and Wires of TV history. That would have been impossible without this incredible final season, which might just have the best accidental ending a cancelled show has and ever will have. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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