Hannibal: “Secondo” Season 3 Episode 3 Review

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Three episodes in and we’re still recovering in many ways from “Mizumono.” Hannibal is putting the pieces back together from that mega-cliffhanger at a deliberate pace. But it’s all worth it because while doing so, groundwork is being laid for a fascinating third season.

“Secondo” did a lot of work to piece together Hannibal’s history and tie it into his present. Will arrives at the Lecter estate in Lithuania, where he meets Chiyoh (Tao Okamoto), an aid to the Lecter family from before Hannibal made his way to the US. For a while, Hannibal turns into a gothic haunted house piece worthy of Edgar Allen Poe, complete with dungeons and prisoners. But the presence of fireflies as Will investigates the grounds contributes to the idea season three has presented of this being a fairy tale. It’s not so subtle either, Will literally asks Chiyoh to tell him a story at one point.

He learns that Hannibal told her the man being held underground ate his sister. Will knows better. Hannibal even says later in the episode that no event made him. He just is himself. No excuses.

Much like Hannibal would, Will stages a scenario for the prisoner to attack Chiyoh. She kills him, detaching her from her own prison at the old Lecter house. As Will turns the prisoner’s body into a firefly, a display no one will likely see, at the former home of the person he feels most himself with no less, his and Hannibal’s inevitable meeting is even more unpredictable. Chiyoh is aware enough though to keep her gun aimed behind Will.

Back in Italy, Hannibal and Bedelia discuss Will’s statement, “I forgive you.” Gillian Anderson deserves an Emmy for her work on Hannibal in these past three episodes. She teases her pseudo-husband about forgiveness and whether Hannibal is the betrayer or the victim. He says the details are blurred.

Their story continues on quite playfully throughout the rest of the episode. Well, as playfully as murder and intimate hair-washing can be. Hannibal has become cocky, killing anyone he pleases to draw Will and the others to him. He enjoys the game because he needs Will as much as Will needs him. Hannibal is more than just an observer at this point. As the show evolved past its procedural habits, Hannibal became much more of an instigator.

But when Bedilia asks, “How did your sister taste?,” a line seems to have been crossed. Hannibal says the only way for him to truly forgive Will is to eat him. Again, their inevitable reunion is going to be thrillingly unpredictable.

The most buzz-worthy note about the episode is that Jack shows up in Italy alive and well. He talks to Pazzi about his hunt for Will. We only get two scenes of Jack’s return, but his motives are mostly clear. Find Will. But to find him, he may have to find Hannibal first.

“Secondo” filled in the gaps effectively in Hannibal’s story. The most rewarding aspect of this was that his history isn’t too different from his present. It also appears that as Will learns more, he respects him more. But if forgiveness is truly the two way street Bedilia says it is, Will might be in more danger than he realizes. Regardless, I’m starving for more. Grade: A-


Some Other Notes:

– Title watch: “secondo” means the second part in a piece of music, following last week’s first part with “Primavera.” Most of season three’s titles so far seem to refer to stage-setting, which is what the show has been doing a lot of.

– Will refers to his and Hannibal’s relationship as intimate, while Hannibal believes he has love for Will. When they meet, Bedilia might be immediately reduced to third wheel status.

– I love Will’s internal therapy sessions with Hannibal this season. He can hear him in his head, as clear as day, but should he trust his version of Hannibal?

– The sets continue to impress this season.

– So Jack is back, but now where’s Alana?


By Matt Dougherty

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