‘Harley Quinn’s Revenge’ Announced as ‘Arkham City’ DLC

The Joker’s lass is making a vengeful return in the first story DLC for Batman: Arkham City since the game’s release back in October.

Arkham City was undeniably one of 2011’s best games, which is why it is getting a Game of the Year Edition re-release that contains all the old DLC, as well as Harley Quinn’s Revenge.

In the Harley campaign, players will switch between Batman and Robin who must stop Harley Quinn and put an end to Arkham City as a whole. Supposedly the gameplay time on the new content is over two hours.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge stems from the tragic events that took place in her life at the end of Arkham City, the Joker’s death. Fans may remember the Easter egg of Harley’s positive pregnancy test on the floor of her boyfriend’s lair after the game had been completed. The new DLC hits PSN and Xbox Live May 29th. Check out the trailer for the Game of the Year Edition below, with a sneak peak at Harley Quinn’s Revenge towards the end.

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