‘Harley Quinn’s Revenge’ DLC Impressions

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Batman: Arkham City finally got a story centered DLC as Harley Quinn attempts to get the last laugh on the dynamic duo.

Since the plot of this little story revolves heavily around the end of Arkham City, if you have not beaten the game stop reading now. Same goes for the new DLC as I will be discussing the entire experience including plot points.

Still with me? Okay. Harley Quinn’s Revenge is a fine expansion of the game. That being said, the story does feel a bit unnecessary as it doesn’t really say anything about any of the characters or where the series might go next.

The plot of the DLC is simply Harley Quinn trying to get revenge on the dark knight for the death of her lover, the Joker. After kidnapping him, Robin must enter Harley’s lair and rescue his mentor. Once Robin rescues Batman, there is a conflict and then it simply ends with Harley Quinn being defeated. No surprise villains. No interesting plot developments. Just a simple story.

However, there are some interesting things done with the characters. Oddly enough, these two hours feature some of the best voice acting from Kevin Conroy. This post-Joker and Talia Batman is not a happy fellow and I was interested to see just how far he would take it. Sadly, no where, but maybe in the next game!

Harley was handled in a very similar way. There were some interesting ideas thrown in there that just didn’t amount to much. First off, her new look is kick-ass. The idea of a vengeful Harley is a great one. The look on her face as Batman carried out the Joker’s body at the end of the game was every bit as haunting as it was heartbreaking. The fact that she was ready to die and taking Batman with her was great, but the plan itself was kind of weak.

The only other major character was Robin, and I have to say, I really enjoyed playing as him in a story atmosphere. His conversations with Oracle about Bruce were heavy. By the end of the DLC I would have cared if he didn’t walk out of the situation alive.

So where do we go from here? Batman is doing a lot of extra brooding. His partners are concerned. Harley is locked away. Arkham City has been officially shut down.

Honestly, some Batman and Robin co-op would be awesome. Even if just certain parts are co-op (maybe even Catwoman or Nightwing could partake in this) the opportunity for awesomeness is definitely there.

As for the story, I want to see Batman pushed to his limits more than ever before. Make the next game the final entry and finish the story (a la what Christopher Nolan is doing later this summer).

Also, Harley needs another villain to help her. As the DLC proved, she is hardly competent enough to carry out her plans with any hope of success. How cool would it be if the series finally brought Harley and Ivy together? There is no word yet on the sequel but a fan can hope.

All in all Harley Quinn’s Revenge was a tad disappointing. But playing as Robin was too cool to pass up again in the future.

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