Here Are All The Super Bowl Movie TV Spots!

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It is hard to find a good time to go to the bathroom during the Super Bowl between all the commercials and, you know, football. But for movie fans, perhaps the most exciting part is seeing all the new previews for upcoming blockbusters. Here is what Super Bowl XLVI had to offer.



The Dictator (May 11th)-

This movie just looks terrible. After the 2009 failure Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again. There is one funny moment in the spot where Cohen starts a race and shoots his competitors. However, that scene has been in every trailer thus far, making me think it is probably the funniest part of the movie. I would skip The Dictator.


John Carter (Mar. 9th)-

I am kind of iffy on this one. Part of me thinks the special effects are really cool and that it could be a fun adventure. The other part is noticing the wooden acting that appears in every trailer and the unoriginal story. I also don’t like how this ad was set up with the logo in the beginning. I also plan to skip John Carter.


Battleship (May 18th)-

Whereas The Dictator looks like a summer comedy failure, Battleship looks like a summer action failure. Does anyone actually think this looks good? Its based on a board game! And it has the same plot as Transformers, which can hardly be considered a classic. I am skipping Battleship.


The Lorax (Mar. 2nd)-

This adaptation of the Dr. Seuss’ story could be the first enjoyable family film of 2012. But I have one problem, the casting of Danny DeVito. The preview looks decent but DeVito is hardly who I pictured the Lorax to be like. This one seems to be a mixed bag and probably pretty forgettable. Take the bored kids to The Lorax.


The Avengers (May 4th)-

This is the only trailer tonight that really floored me. The Avengers looks awesome! Seeing all these characters come together in this short preview was epic. I loved the slow circular shot of the entire team. Know what I loved more though? The Hulk. Destroying space ships. In mid air. Expect a review at 3 am the night this premieres.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Jun. 29th)-

This July 4th weekend we are getting a sequel to a very bad movie. However, I must say that the Super Bowl spot does look kind of awesome. I have no doubt that this sequel will be extremely bad but it could also be a fun summer action flick. Plus Bruce Willis is in it. Go if there is a rainy day around Independence Day.


Act of Valor (Feb. 24th)-

Here is an interesting idea for a war movie. It is supposed to be incredibly realistic but that could also be the film’s downfall. As the earliest movie coming out advertised during the big game we will know for sure soon enough. I will probably just wait for the reviews for this one.


The Hunger Games (Mar. 23rd)-

Did anyone actually see this preview during the game? I think I missed it, but it still appears on every list of Super Bowl spots. Oh well, The Hunger Games is going to be the first major blockbuster of the year. It looks great and those who have read the books seem to be pleased with what they are seeing. I will be on line for this one.



So what did you think of the Super Bowl spots? Wasn’t Avengers awesome?! Are there any other previews you thought topped it? Sound off in the comments’ section!

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