Heroes Reborn: “The Needs of Many” Season 1 Episode 4 Review

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What’s going on on Heroes Reborn? Does anyone really know? If you do, do you care? Has anything even happened yet? No, not really.

All I can gather is that every returning character from the original series will die just by going near Noah Bennet. Bye Molly, I can’t quite think of a time when you weren’t annoying, but still, there was something to you that nobody else had. And why did she die? She didn’t want to tell Noah what happened to his daughter on June 13th. Heroes Reborn is having a very difficult time breaking up with Hayden Panettiere. All it seems like they do is talk about her character. Yet no answers are given.

When characters are compelling and a show has heart, a lack of actual events can easily be made up for. Well, “The Needs of Many” was essentially eventless until Molly put a bullet in her head. It’s characters barely manage to limp through their horribly written scenes. Heroes Reborn is that friend you found endearing at the start, but it isn’t cute anymore how little they have their shit together.

Noah and his insufferable companion keep magically breaking into high security facilities only to gain zero new information. Luke’s wife Joanne is just plain evil for no reason. Carlos is a superhero now who doesn’t have any powers (thanks, but I’d much rather watch Arrow). Miko’s story didn’t advance at all this week.

The least terrible story from this episode was Tommy’s attempt to save his mother with his blood, which would expose him as an Evo. Here’s a compelling, difficult choice that developed out of events we’ve seen on the series (their car crash), not ones that happened before it started. The character himself is way too much of a Peter Parker clone to really feel like Heroes Reborn is doing anything new. But at least there was a story here, unlike everywhere else in the episode.

If this is the way Heroes Reborn is going to jump back in the game, this is going to have to be my last review. There’s just no effort being put into it. It’s obvious from just about every scene that asks us to feel something that passes by looking exactly like the scene before it. I don’t have any respect for a show that doesn’t put in effort. I mentioned Arrow earlier in this review. That show started out pretty bad, but there was some passion there. Now it’s great, helping to usher in an era of unmissable superhero television. Heroes Reborn is just a pathetic attempt to capitalize on a trend. Grade: D

By Matt Dougherty


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